Zonerunner & The Flock

The Zonerunner meets The Flock

Zonerunner & The Flock is a 4-part Tails story, beginning in Issue 35 of Sonic the Comic. The story introduces the characters Sab, Nutzan Bolt, Sol Furic, The Flock and Tess Tube, whilst introducing the idea of a Zonerunner.



Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails have just finished a routine mission in the Chemical Plant Zone. As they escape, they are fired on by a couple of mystery villains (who turn out to be Sol and Tess), so they dive into a tube. As the bullets spray, a misfire hits the tube control, sending down Tails down a different tube into Nutzan Bolt's lair. There, he hears the plan to flood the Zone's Mega Mack into the surrounding Zones. Confused, Tails asks where Sonic is, outraging Nutzan.

As Nutzan approaches, a flash grenade appears from a drain and blinds Nutzan. A hand pulls Tails down and his rescuer announces herself as Sab and calls Tails a 'Zonerunner', one who travels Zones and fights Badniks. Sab reveals the plight of The Flock, a group of peaceful sheep living on what used to be fields until Doctor Robotnik came and built the Chemical Plant Zone on top of them. The Flock had no choice but to go undeground and fight him. Tails is taken back to a secret stash where he receives an overcoat. Back at the hideout, Sab reveals Nutzan's plan to the rest of The Flock. As they head to stop him, Tails wishes he could find Sonic who'd be much more capable than him at this sort of thing, but Sab shrugs it off as modesty, saying he fought Nutzan well last time.

Sab shows Tails how his microputer works, opening a locked door. As she does, a bomb flies through, fired by a Spiny Badnik. Sab destroys it and frees the civilian inside it. Later, they all reach a floating platform. As they all get in and set off, Tails makes to jump on it but misses, falling a great height. The Flock thinks he's dead, but Tails surprises them by flying back. They have little time to be shocked, as the platform tips up, threatening to throw them all off. Trying to push the platform upright, Tails accidentally presses a reset button, tipping the platform the right way. Soon after, the team arrive at the breach and prepare to fight Nutzan's troops.

Whilst evading Nutzan's gunfire, Tails says Sonic's name again, enraging Nutzan further. An explosion propels Tails inside with Nutzan close behind. As Nutzan activates his saws (having run out of ammo), Tails wishes he could remember how his microputer works. Getting angry at its confusion with Tails' commands, the fox tells the door to close three times. It closes, blocking Nutzan's way. Unfortunately, it opens again, before closing for the second time, this time on Nutzan. The third time completely destroys Nutzan's body, leaving him to escape as a head on wheels. Nutzan's explosions had melted the robots around the breached edge of the Zone, sealing the hole. Having saved the day, Tails skids down the side of the Zone on his way home, before meeting Sonic, who chastises him for playing when there's work to do.


  • The quote from Tails when trying to work the microputer, "Close the door! Close the door! Jolly well close the door!", has become a popular one with many readers.
  • Mega Mack is mistakenly written as "Megamack".


The previous Tails story was The Morbidden Hunt. The next was Hero of Mobius.

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