Tails fights Nutzan Bolt

Zonerunner & The Big Freeze was a 4-part Miles "Tails" Prower story in Sonic the Comic, running from Issue 48 to Issue 52. The story was the second of the two Zonerunner adventures.



Tails is sleeping in the Marble Garden Zone (odd, considering it is on the Floating Island) when he is woken by a drone robot. It projects a hologram of Sab asking for help before an explosion at Sab's end cuts the transmission short. On the drone, Tails finds his old overcoat and Microputer and gets on, ready to go back to the Chemical Plant Zone. This time, however, the Zone is covered by a toxic chemical cloud and, upon making it through after some choking, discovers a completely devastated Zone. The drone seems to be about to crash, but heads into a tunnel covered by snow. The drone takes Tails to The Flock's secret hideout, where it seems as if a bomb has gone off. Then, Tails is confronted by old foe Sol Furic, who explains every last one of them are dead.

Sol explains that Nutzan Bolt killed them in revenge for Tails' last victory and that Sol is no longer working for them. The pair head to a city underground, where Tails is not a popular fox. Wanted posters show Tails as a criminal of the Zone, the reason Nutzan destroyed everyone's homes. Someone spots Tails and the pair hastily escape from the mob into Sab's secret hideout. There, he explains that he used to lead The Flock until Nutzan promised him a better Zone. In reality, Nutzan went insane and the sheep ended up fighting each other. Sab states that he was about to rejoin The Flock when the bomb went off, killing them all. However, Sab bursts in and points her gun straight at Sol.

Sol explains his story to Sab. Sab is unsure, however, and asks Tails whether or not he believes him. Tails does, leading Sab to forgive her old companion. Sab then explains that The Flock were leaving the hideout through a secret tunnel. Before they left, Sab programmed the floater drone seen at the start of the story, but the bomb went off, blasting Sab into the tunnel. Outside, Sab explains that Nutzan has built himself an invulnerable body of ice. Tails continuously shows his cowardice and tries to escape, but that just further comes across as humour and modesty in the eyes of the sheep. At the fortress of ice belonging to Nutzan, Sab admits they have no plan and they should just improvise. Inside, Nutzan is waiting, ready for his revenge. The sheep begin to shoot but the bullets bounce off and they get knocked out by Nutzan's retalliating punch. Tails tries his best to help but is caught by Nutzan and is about to be strangled...

While about to die, Tails utters the name of Sonic the Hedgehog, driving Nutzan mad and causing fire to shoot out of his nose. Tails says it again and Nutzan begins to melt. His head (with wheels) falls off his body, leaving Tails stuck in the icy hand. The head of Nutzan hits the climate control button, causing the chemical ice castle to begin crumble and melt. Sab wishes she had a microputer, which Tails happens to have, so uses it to freeze the chemical ice and bring the Zone's temperature down. Outside, the citizens rejoice that Tails prevented the chemical floods raging in the town. Tails admitss he did nothing, but this is again put down to modesty. Back in the Marble Garden Zone, Tails is ready to go back to sleep when Sonic and Amy Rose arrive, ready for Tails to get involved in more adventures.


The story was reprinted from Issue 164 to Issue 167.


The previous Miles "Tails" Prower was Hero of Mobius. The next story was The Revenge of Trogg (with Knuckles the Echidna).

The previous Zonerunner story was Zonerunner & The Flock.