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Yesterday's Heroes is a complete Amy Rose story from Issue 128 of Sonic the Comic.



A typical day on Mobius usually contains a Badnik attack, something the Sunshine Valley Zone is realising of late. After yet another raid, Amy is called in to rescue the citizens, while Shortfuse the Cybernik also receives the distress call. However, neither of the heroes are quick enough as a new hero, Ultra-Duck is vowing to be the number one hero in town. Even the townsfolk are starting to wonder if their old heroes are good enough to help them. Back in the base of Tekno the Canary, Tekno reveals that the debris of the broken Badniks is of a type that Doctor Robotnik stopped using years ago and are programmed to lose. Before they can ponder too long on Ultra-Duck's methods, the Badnik alarm sounds and the Emerald Hill Zone is subjected to a real Badnik attack. Ultra-Duck quickly decides to save himself, pushing fellow residents out of the way. Fortunately, the real heroes are on the case and Tekno even manages to expose Ultra-Duck as "Big Bill Screwloose", an ex-Robotnik engineer. Screwloose confesses that he rigged up the old Badniks by himself so that the people of Mobius would lose faith in their heroes.

The next day, Screwloose starts his new job as a street cleaner, his former worshippers having already forgotten about Ultra-Duck.


  • The Sunshine Valley Zone was invaded by Crawlton and Buzzer Badniks, so Amy should have noticed the old designs without Tekno performing microscope work on them.
  • The Zone is presumably next to Emerald Hill, as Amy was able to run to the distress call fairly quickly.
  • Shortfuse picked up the distress call, despite there being no previous signs that his Badnik armour could pick up such signals.
  • Neither of the heroes were seen to pick up any of the Badnik debris given to Tekno for analysis.
  • "Yesterday's Heroes" is the only appearances of Ultra-Duck and Sunshine Valley.
  • Screwloose is seen sweeping up a copy of the "Courier", yet another newspaper.


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