Writers are the members of staff at Sonic the Comic and Sonic the Comic Online who write the scripts that will go on to become strips within the comic. Compared to the number of artists, writers were few to help continuity. Nevertheless, many non-Sonic comics had separate writers who didn't write any lead Sonic the Hedgehog strips.

Alan McKenzie wrote the very first story to appear in STC, but Mark Millar would be the first to become a regular writer. Nigel Kitching appeared in Issue 4 and would soon become one of two lead writers with Lew Stringer. Kitching was sacked towards the end of STC's life but would be reinstated as solo writer for the final Sonic Adventure story arc.

List of writers

Writer First Issue Last Issue Known for
Jim Alexander Issue 150 Issue 151 The Trickster
Stephen Bliss Issue 28 Issue 33 Pirate S.T.C.
Michael Cook Issue 7 Issue 59 Eternal Champions and Kid Chameleon
Nigel Dobbyn Issue 80 Issue 81 The Fundamental Four (w/ Kitching)
Richard Elson Issue 91 Issue 93 Shanghaied (w/ Kitching)
Mark Eyles Issue 1 Issue 62 The Legend of the Golden Axe, Wonder Boy, B.A.R.F. and Zonerunner
Carl Flint Issue 41 Issue 41 Megadroid
Lynne Gibbs Issue 83 Issue 83 Megadroid
Ed Hillyer Issue 17 Issue 17 Sonic the Human!
Nigel Kitching Issue 4 Issue 261 Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, Decap Attack many others
Alan McKenzie Issue 1 Issue 65 Shinobi, Enter: Sonic and Return of Ecco the Dolphin
Mark Millar Issue 2 Issue 73 Sonic the Hedgehog and Streets of Rage
Woodrow Phoenix Issue 13 Issue 18 Ecco the Dolphin
Richard Rayner Issue 69 Issue 116 Decap Attack
Lew Stringer Issue 30 Issue 174 Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, Tails and many others
Steve White Issue 31 Issue 36 Mutant League
Brian Williamson Issue 31 Issue 36 Mutant League

Sonic the Comic Online

Writer First Issue Last Issue Known for
Ed Reynolds Issue 224 Issue 250 Sonic the Hedgehog, Vichama
Mike Corker Issue 224 Issue 264 Amy Rose, Blaze the Cat and Tekno & Shorty
Amy Issue 237 Issue 237 Shenmue
Bakasam Sonic the Poster Mag 2005 Sonic the Poster Mag 2005 Comic-Strip
Jamie J Issue 238 Issue 264 The Family, Shadow II and Ristar
Stephen Davis Issue 241 Issue 264 Silver the Hedgehog and The Ultimax
Chris G Issue 244 Issue 264 Space Channel 5
Tom Huxley 15th Anniversary Special Anniversary Zone Cedric the Elephant and Robotnikat
Robert Frazer Issue 246 Issue 257 Rouge the Bat and The House of the Dead
Shaz Issue 248 Issue 263 S.P.E.A.R.
Charles Ellis Issue 249 St. George's Day Special Amy Rose, Various
Iain Stewart Sonic the Summer Special 2009 Issue 256 Tails
Pete Murphy Sonic the Summer Special 2009 Sonic the Summer Special 2009 Panzer Dragoon
Seumidh MacDonald Issue 258 2013 Hallowe'en Special Various
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