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Windy Wallis is a minor recurring villain in Sonic the Comic. A gerbil proving to be adept at designing weather-creating machines, she once worked for Doctor Robotnik as a weapons engineer. Since his removal from power, Wallis worked as a weather presenter, gaining enough attention to be in line for an award for most accurate forecasts. However, Sonic the Hedgehog suspected that her predictions were far too accurate, particularly when Mobius was going through a series of freak weather conditions. He headed to her living quarters to find that she was the one causing the bad weather, just so she could get revenge. She managed to pin Sonic down with a generated lightning storm, but Sonic returned the favour by splashing the newly-formed rain at her weather machine, destroying it. Wallis was sucked away in a tornado.

A few weeks later, Wallis returned with a near-identical plan, this time operating from an airship. A member of public correctly guessed that she was behind the trouble, leading Tails to make his way up to her to defeat her. Despite Tails' tails being strained and his bi-plane clamped, Wallis was defeated by one of Roger Bodge's helicopter toilets. Tails then met Wallis again in the Sun Valley Zone, helping Johnny Lightfoot. Wallis had created yet another weather machine, which she was using as part of Agent X's plans. Tails used Johnny's weapon to destroy the device, while Wallis escaped on a shuttle craft.

Wallis returned in Sonic the Comic Online. This time, Wallis teamed up with several other failed villains as part of the League of Super-Evil Villains. Her contribution to their bank heist was to freeze the vault door, making it easier to open. It didn't; all it succeeded in doing was mixing with hot oil to cause a massive explosion. She was caught by the police and never seen since.

She returned with the League with Doctor Genius as the new leader. By now, she had adopted herself as an unofficial "second-in-command", attempting to keep the others in check (such as telling Bob the Plax to "shut up". She followed Genius' plan, but was forced to flee with him when it all failed, with them ending up locked in Metropolis City University. Somehow, she was able to obtain a weather machine and used it to turn one of the rooms into a freezer. Upon Tails and Amy Rose attempting to capture them, Wallis unleashed a tornado on them, whilst Genius sent a pair of EggRobos after them. The former weathergirl was soon captured and sent to Metropolis City High Security Prison, where she was later freed by Mr Gold. Gold utilised Wallis' talent with inventions by forcing her to create a new breed of Cyberniks.