When in Romanus is a 2-part Amy Rose story that began in Issue 143 of Sonic the Comic and is part of the Eternity Ring story arc. The title comes from the saying "When in Rome [do as the Romans do]".



Planet Romanus, in the Zel Galaxy. Two intruders have been detected near the city wall and Emperor Zero is enraged that anyone could have escaped the slave pits. These intruders are Amy and Tekno, whose clothes have changed to blend in with the locals. Unfortunately, it doesn't work, as the heroes are quickly caught in an electro-net. The pair wake up in the pits, where fellow slaves inform them that they are gladiators who fight for Zero's pleasure. The city is surrounded by an energy dome, with friends of the slaves trying to break it down. Amy and Tekno are summoned to the arena, expected to fight each other... to the death. After selecting their weapons, Amy and Tekno begin to fight, making it look as real as possible. Amy gets the upper hand but Tekno kicks away her crossbow, leaving her helpless. Zero points his thumb down, ordering Tekno to kill Amy. The canary refuses, but further delay will end in the deaths of all the other slaves. With no choice, Tekno shoots Amy.

A distraught Tekno demands that she and the other slaves be set free, but is instead forced to battle Clawbeast. However, Amy finds herself beamed back to the slave pits, grateful that Tekno could convert her gun into a teleporter. Amy sets the slaves free, but there's still the energy dome to consider. After discovering the control room is guarded by a "killer robot", Amy rushes off to save the day. Tekno, meanwhile, is struggling and loses her weapon thanks to Clawbeast's swipe. Fortunately, the energy dome begins to dissolve and the authorities rush in. Thanks to the distraction, Tekno retrieves her weapon and teleports Clawbeast up to Zero's chair.

As Amy and Tekno begin to fade away, they watch Emperor Zero get arrested and wonder what they'll get up to next.


  • When Amy and Tekno return to the limbo dimension, Amy is wearing a different jumper to the one she's been wearing.


The previous Amy Rose story was Day One. The next is Dream On.

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