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Whatever Happened to Grimer? is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story from Issue 139 of Sonic the Comic.



A Metallix Mark 3 is causing havoc in the Metropolis Zone, causing massive damage in his search for Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic quickly arrives, confused why a Metallix still exists, but is keen to stop the robot causing more destruction. However, an initial attack sees him fly through a shop window, causing the owner to doubt Sonic's abilities. A second attempt is equally futile and the brutal Metallix ends the fight by zapping Sonic with his death ray before kicking him unconscious.

Twenty minutes later, the Metallix has brought Sonic to a secret location, where Grimer has Sonic strapped to a seat. The scientist keeps him there by putting him in a deep, hypnotic sleep and begins a memory scan. This comprises of Grimer asking his foe questions about Doctor Robotnik's last whereabouts. Sonic reveals that Robotnik had turned himself into a god, but was defeated by Knuckles the Echidna and the Grey Emerald. Sonic confirms that the former dictator disappeared, but Grimer isn't so sure. The wily Grimer then orders the Metallix to take Sonic back to the Metropolis Zone, along with a fake Metallix wreckage.

In an alleyway in the city, Sonic wakes with no recollection of the last hour. He notices the Metallix remains around him and decides he must have won, telling the worried citizens as much. However, he has niggling doubts, with Grimer's face popping into his head. A phone call to the Governor of Metropolis City High Security Prison eases his worries, with the gentleman confirming that Grimer is still locked up. Unfortunately, these words were a lie, since Grimer has taken control of the entire prison.


  • The Metallix is not seen again.
  • The story contains a flashback to the events of Showdown.


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