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What Ever Happened to Super Sonic? is a Super Sonic complete story, first appearing in Issue 102 of Sonic the Comic.



Super Sonic wakes up in a cozy bed, still suffering odd nightmares about a monstrous demon destroying Mobius before turning on the pacifist. House owner Madge is worried about her guest and tries to convey her fears to husband, Arthur. Unfortunately he doesn't care and would sooner have the hedgehog out on the streets since his pension doesn't spread very far and it's not as if Doctor Robotnik still has Troopers patrolling outside. Madge confronts him, asking if he'd prefer it if Robotnik was still in charge, the man giving a cagey response.

The row is interrupted by Super Sonic, who has decided he should leave. Madge is distraught, wondering where he'll go, but Arthur is eager for her to listen to him. An angry Madge wonders why she didn't listen to her mother's advice not to marry Arthur, Arthur wondering the same. Super breaks things up again, saying he needs to leave to discover his memories. Outside, Madge gifts Super some supplies and a little money to survive and the hedgehog is extremely grateful for her kindness. As Super walks off into the sunset, Arthur discovers where his beer money just went...

Freedom Fighters Amy Rose and Johnny Lightfoot are out at the moment, using the Kintobor Computer to search for traces of Super. The readings are faint, but they can be sure Super has been at this place at some point. Unfortunately, the signal's too weak to trace, believing Super must be too far away - having no idea that a weak Super Sonic is just around the corner! Giving up on the useless Super, the heroes go for something to eat.


  • This title is very similar to later lead strip "Whatever Happened to Grimer?".
  • Arthur makes his first appearance, two issues after his wife.
  • Despite his many appearances in other lead Sonic the Hedgehog strips, this is Super's first solo adventure.
  • Arthur's newspaper has a headline about Super Sonic on the front page, but the paper has no name.
  • Furthermore, unless they were informed by the Freedom Fighters, the public presumably have no knowledge of Super's rampage, as he went directly to attack Sonic.
  • Arthur's rant about the train's being on time is a common reference to World War II and the defeat of Adolf Hitler, although it also refers to many other dictators.
  • Madge and Arthur's relationship and the man's urge to go to the pub would later be repeated by Maude and Harold Mudd.
  • A possible relationship between Amy and Johnny is mentioned for the final time, and the first real instance since Badniks Bridge.


This story was reprinted in Issue 219.


This is the first Super Sonic story. The next is Hunter & the Hunted.