Weapons are tools that are used to cause damage to objects or harm to living beings. They have appeared in almost every Sonic the Comic strip, since the publication is primarily action-based.

The majority of weapons are found on villains, particularly Badniks. These range from guns and cannons for long-range combat, to drills, maces and spikes. On the other hand, heroes are much more likely to use their own strength, with Sonic the Hedgehog favouring a Spin Attack and Knuckles the Echidna only fighting with his fists. However, Amy Rose is skilled with a crossbow and Johnny Lightfoot was rarely seen without his staff.

Real-world weapons were commonplace in the Sega Superstars strips. The characters in The Legend of the Golden Axe each have their own weapon, either a sword or axe. Weapons in other series depend on the theme, with Marko utilising a magic football and the Mutant League players using whatever they can to get an upper hand. The Streets of Rage vigilantes prefer hand-to-hand combat, but have used guns, bazookas and iron bars to win fights.

Weapons are not always handheld objects. Bombs are considered to be weapons no matter the size. Entire Badniks can also be classed as weapons used by Doctor Robotnik to seize or hold his grip over Mobius.

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