Village of the Damned is a 3-part Knuckles the Echidna story that began in Issue 84 of Sonic the Comic. It was later reprinted from Issue 204. The strip is part of Knuckles' World Tour of Mobius.



Still dragging a chest of documents back to the Floating Island, Knuckles is tired and achy. Havign recently set Captain Claw free, Knuckles is contemplating sleeping in the open when he spots a village through the trees. Even better, the inn "The Green Man", is still open! Inside, the villagers don't seem to take kindly to Knuckles' arrival, but the landlord orders Seth and Maurice to take Knuckles' trunk upstairs and offers the echidna a drink (which he declines). As Knuckles retires to bed, citizen Mesmer informs everyone that Knuckles is "the one". That night, Knuckles is awoken by what he thinks is an owl but is alarmed to find a young lamb is being carried down the street by an odd cult.

After realising the sheep isn't too happy about events, Knuckles leaps from his window and frees her from the rock she is tied to. To stop the others from capturing him, Knuckles creates a tremor that knocks everyone over before the lamb leads Knuckles to a quiet barn. In safety, she explains that the villagers had recently joined a cult that requires a sacrifice be made for the Moon Goddess in exchange for a good harvest. Knuckles plans to keep watch whilst the lamb sleeps, but she insists Knuckles gets some rest. However, when he wakes up, the lamb has invited the mob into the barn. Mesmer reveals that Knuckles' arrival was foretold and he would be the next sacrifice. Sure enough, Knuckles' hands are binded and he is placed in a large cage that is about to be set alight. A panicking Knuckles realises nobody cares if he is killed.

As Knuckles inches closer to death, he demands an explanation, the sheep revealing that she'd rather Knuckles die than her. Realising that Mesmer holds up his staff to talk to the people, Knuckles rolls the cage towards the river, where the sharp rocks break the prison and his bindings. He then leaps at Mesmer, stealing the staff and breaking the hypnotic curse he held over everyone. Demanding answers, Knuckles is shocked to find that the pub landlord is actually Doctor Robotnik in disguise. Robotnik was testing Mesmer's hypnotic powers on a small group of people and plans to do the same to Mobius. With nowhere to lock Robotnik up, Knuckles leaves before he is tempted to kill him.


  • Robotnik appears in a disguise for the first time in a regular issue of STC, the last few occasions all being in the Summer Specials.
  • Robotnik mistakenly calls the deity they have all been worshipping the "Sun Goddess".
  • The story is based on The Wicker Man, including the sacrificial cage, whilst the strip's title is based on the film of the same name.


The previous Knuckles the Echidna story was Troubled Waters. The next is The Good, The Bad and The Echidna.

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