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Vichama is a character unique to Sonic the Comic Online. He is the God of Death who has existed for an eternity on the spirit plane. He possesses an upper-class manner of speaking and a malicious desire to kill for the sake of killing. Having brutally slaughtered thousands of innocent lives in ancient times, his spirit was sealed away in the corpse of a deceased Echidna. He was released eight thousand years later by Doctor Zachary and became a member of The Syndicate. A temple of his existed within Echidna territory.

His final form's design may be based on the ghostly prisoners seen in the heart of the Red Mountain stage in Sonic Adventure.


Ancient Times

Eight thousand years ago, the echidna leader Pochacamac deliberately made a deal with Vichama: he'd be given passage onto the mortal plane, in exchange for helping create the Guardian Emerald. This meant that while Vichama remained, Knuckles would be continuously resurrected and the Chaos Emeralds would always be guarded. Unfortunately, Vichama went on to slaughter thousands of echidnas. Instead of banishing him (and losing Knuckles' immortality), Pochacamac imprisoned Vichama's spirit in an echidna corpse and then sealed that corpse in suspended animation. Vichama's great temple was torn down and a different building placed over it.

The Syndicate

In the present day, Doctor Zachary freed Vichama and recruited him into his Syndicate. Vichama's echidna shell was now abnormally muscled, and his origins were unknown to all but Zachary. He was quite happy to help with Zachary's plan - to use the Chaos Emeralds to literally blow up Mobius - but became bored with the more convoluted parts of Zachary's plot. When Zachary's plan was thwarted, however, Vichama abandoned him (deliberately knocking him out) and used the Chaos Emeralds to escape his shell.

A solo story featuring Tikal, taking place halfway through the Syndicate story, involved her visit to an ancient temple on the Floating Island known as The Place of Voices. She encountered countless mournful spirits, Vichama's victims from the past, bearing grave tidings of his return. As she leaves after the incident, a prophetic sentence carved into a nearby rock declares that "Vichama is coming home". It was later revealed she was having an increasing number of premonitions of Vichama.

Return Of A God

Soon, Vichama's temple manifested on the Floating Island once more, and whole Zones across Mobius
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Vichama's true form, spooky right?

suddenly died leaving scrawled messages of Vichama's return. The next issue Vichama appeared in full glory, summoning armies of ghosts and living dead. After revealing his plan was simply to kill everything, deadpanning, "I'm the god of Death, mate, what do you think my plan is?", he incinerated Knuckles with a single blast of energy and started spreading his power throughout the Floating Island. When Knuckles was resurrected, Vichama rose up next to the Guardian Emerald to kill him again - however, the resurrection had given Knuckles access to some of Vichama's memories.

Now knowing the deal between the god and Pochacamac, Knuckles shattered the Guardian Emerald and stabbed Vichama with the last shard of it, condemning the monster to mortal form. While Vichama still had the power to kill the Guardian, he'd lost control over the ghosts - all of them victims of his, who swarmed him and tore him to pieces.




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