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Vector is the leader of the Chaotix Crew and the only member of the team who seems to do more than just fight. He is quite intellectual and a capable scientist and detective. He is usually the one who handles Chaotix's PR issues and liasons with the New Tek City police. Vector appears as a rather tall individual (compared to other Mobians), he has green scales with yellow scales running from around his mouth, down his front and under his tail. He has red spines on his back and he is always seen wearing black shoes, headphones and a belt with a personal stereo clipped to it. In Sonic the Comic Online, his appearance was upgraded to his image in Sonic Heroes, so he is now hunched over, has red eyes and wears a gold chain around his neck.

Powers and Abilities

Vector is balanced in both brawn and brains. His physical strength is significant and he tends to fight using his tail and teeth. He also possesses keen computation and detective skills.


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Chaotix Crew
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