Art by Richard Elson

The Vapours of Destiny are a magical tool used for divination by the Drakon Empire. Stored in a cauldron, the Vapours can show an image when the bowl is filled with other objects such as animal bones. Sister Haggra appears to control the Vapours, forcing them to show her what she needs to see.

At a gathering of the three major houses of the Empire, Haggra used the Vapours to show everyone who would help them find the Chaos Emeralds. Master Scholar did not recognise the image of Sonic the Hedgehog in the cloud, believing that someone like him would not be heard of in the House of Knowledge. Although Emperor Ko-Dorr knew him, he feigned ignorance, wanting the Emeralds for himself. When he turned on Haggra, the Drakon stated that she would not have gathered everyone together had she known who the figure was.

As it turned out, the vapours were incorrect; Sonic did not directly lead the Drakons to the Emeralds. Instead, Grimer pretended to defect from Doctor Robotnik's side and led them straight to the Emerald Chamber.


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