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This article is for the online story. For the original, see Vane Hopes.


Vane Hopes is a Sonic's World complete story that appeared in Issue 254 of Sonic the Comic Online. The story is the first major appearance of Fabian Vane in the online continuation.



With the war in full flow, the horrors are all too common; the destruction from fearsome Trooper forces, the rationing of scarce food and infiltration of defense forces by The Family. "Worst" of all though, is the comeback of Fabian Vane, renowned as the worst singer on Mobius. Back with new album Vane, it's apparently the patriotic choice to buy Fabian's new offering, often responsible for foiling the plans of Doctor Robotnik with the awful music. At Buddy's Bistro, Chrysalis is advising Amy Rose that the "Vane look" is about to be all the range, although Jumpinjax seems to enjoy the recommendation a little more than Amy. As Amy is called to action, Amy tells Big the Cat to hold her dessert (not literally) as her table sinks under the restaurant into the new base of the Freedom Fighters. The Kintobor Computer is despairing as Vane gives him a free concert, but Amy arrives on time to take him to his next concert, the main role for Amy as Vane's new bodyguard.

At the Casino Night Zone, engineers Mark & Sparks welcome them to the Zone, but are soon distracted by a Badnik attack. At the stadium, the fans get excited about the imminent appearance of Fabian, but organiser Max Gamble is distracted when Doctor Robotnik crashes the party in his Egg Walker. Despite the crowd being evacuated, Vane is forced on stage, but Robotnik learns his lessons and disables his audio receptors. Amy (also blocking her hearing with earmuffs) dodges Robotnik's trampling feet and returns fire with an USB drive loaded with Vane's songs. The device connects to a USB slot and the tracks are instantly uploaded into Robotnik's mind. With Robotnik defeated, Amy only has to put with Fabian for twelve more concerts...


  • One of the songs on the Vane album is "Bad Romance", a song by Lady GaGa.
  • The Freedom Fighters officially moved their base to Buddy's Bistro, the old Control Centre being destroyed in Issue 250.
  • Mark & Sparks make their STC-O debut, wearing Tails jackets.
  • The Egg Walker is adapted from the one in Sonic Adventure, similar to the Egg Viper in Issue 250.
  • Fabian is shown to be singing 'Can You Feel The Sunshine?', the background music for the Resort Island track in Sonic R.
  • Fast Ashadonic made his final contribution here before leaving the comic.


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