Not to be confused with Vane Hopes (STCO story).

Vane Hopes is a complete Amy Rose story that appeared in Issue 132 of Sonic the Comic.



Discredited singer Fabian Vane has got himself a booking - opening a new supermarket. Things get exciting at the opening when Vane is kidnapped by thugs in an aerial vehicle demanding money for his release. The police, as well as Amy and Tekno the Canary are called to investigate and Tekno's scanner leads them to the Rocky Valley Zone, where Amy discovers a "Fabian Vane Fan Club" badge. Tekno believes Vane must have dropped it, considering how much heloves himself, but Amy isn't so sure. Their questions are interrupted when two cannons take aim at the heroes, but their tracking leads to the guns shooting each other to pieces.

Inside a nearby cave, Fabian's kidnappers watch the event unfold and believe they have been frightened off by the zappers. They're surprised to see the girls are alive and cornering them. Whilst Tekno keeps watch over the criminals, Amy heads deeper into the cave but is shocked to see Vane watching TV with a pizza and cocktail in hand. The villains reveal they are the remaining members of Vane's fan club who were begged by Vane to set up this publicity stunt. Amy is livid and insists Vane's career will be over when news gets out. Later, Tekno is dismayed to see that Vane has been booked for a huge concert. Fortunately, time spent in a damp cave as given Vane laryngitis, making the big gig a bit of a damp squib...


  • Fabian Vane makes his last STC appearance here, as does the Rocky Valley Zone.
  • This story shares its name with a Sonic the Comic Online strip, since writer Charles Ellis had forgotten all about this story.


The previous Amy Rose story was Fights, Camera Action. The next is Following Suit.

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