if you people may be wondering if sega owns the rights to fleetways sonic the comic well guess what they dont why because long ago I had talk to sega 4 months ago that if they own the rights to sonic the comic, The reason why I told them is that it was about time to see the series get re-released as graphic novels.

The fleetway sonic comics had never received any reprints for quite a really long time the only way to read them is to read it online or watch it on youtube or buy it online there is no way you can buy one as a graphic novel these days, anyway i messaged them on there sega forever Facebook page because i saw them posting images of sonic the comic issues on there page so i messaged and told them if we can see reprint's of fleetways sonic the comic as graphic novels in the future published by IDW.

and then later on they told me that Rebellion publishers and 2000 A.D. comics owns the rights to Sonic the Comic, So yeah sega doesn't owns the rights to sonic the comic and i later on found out that these two companies acquired the Fleetway library from Egmont in 2016, making them the owner of all comics characters and titles created by IPC's subsidiaries. SEGA told me if you are interest to see reprints of the comics you should message 2000 A.D. comics, Rebellion publishers, and sega of Europe if there interested to see these comics get reprints in future.

So later on i send many messages to Rebellion publishers and 2000 A.D. comics and they hand not replied till this day. so yeah these two companies now own the rights to sonic the comic i did told them if they would give the rights to sonic the comic to SEGA so they can let IDW to make reprints of the comics as graphic novels and i hope that maybe just maybe they can do that in the future but only time can tell.

But if you what to see the comics get reprints in the future you have to message both comic companies and sega of Europe to make it happen and maybe one day it might finally happen for good.   

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