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This is a thing I do

Hello!  I'm L. T. Fletcher.  I post on the STCO forums as L. T. Dangerous, obviously.

Interesting trivia: The L. in my name is short for Luke!

Interesting trivia: That wasn't very interesting.

I run a blog on Tumblr called A Moment Of Sonic The Comic.  It's about Sonic The Comic.  Which is why I'm sharing it with you friendlies.  It started as a companion to a lovely blog about the American comics here but has evolved into a general STC blog as well.

I'm also the editor and producer of Sonic The Podcast which I do with Shay, Stiv and Stu as part of the SSSSSSS.  It's very good, maybe, you should consider checking it out.  I like it anyway.

Further trivia: I'm not taking this terribly seriously and am mostly filling it out so I can collect a pointless wiki badge.

I'm also in new Legacy inc which you should definitely not ever watch if you value your soul.

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