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Unnatural Disasters is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story which first appeared in Issue 102 of Sonic the Comic.


Script: Lew Stringer
Art: Richard Elson
Lettering: Elitta Fell


Mobius has been hit by a slew of freak weather conditions, and on this occasion, a vicious blizzard has struck one of the cities. As Sonic struggles to get people home safely, he notices that the deep snow is becoming sloppier. The temperature is rising, and the snow is melting too quickly. Seconds later, the city is rapidly flooded, and soon the people have retreated to the rooftops and liferafts. As Sonic vows to find out what's wrong, his attention is diverted by the television appearance of Windy Wallis, a weather-gerbil set to win an award for her accurate predictions. Wallis predicts freezing conditions, hail, and a heatwave. As the resident nerd goes overboard in his panic, Sonic finds that the water's already frozen over, as Wallis predicted. The hedgehog leaps out and begins making his way to the TV studio, fighting his way through the hail storm to find Wallis at the controls of a complex machine. Wallis reveals that she's behind the unusual weather thanks to her Weather Machine, and plans to create enough of a heatwave to dry up the entire planet and destroy everything. As Sonic is rained upon by the weather, he begins to race around, damaging the machine enough to create a tornado, which whisks Wallis away before Sonic can grab her. The machine explodes later, and soon life has returned to normal, albeit with the streets slightly soaked.


  • An unnamed Norris Wimple makes his first appearance in this story, and seems to be something of a worrywort, saying the freak weather is down to the Curse of Doctor Robotnik, as he's read in his Doom & Gloom magazine.
  • Fans have since compared Windy Wallis' machine to the TARDIS' control console.


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