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The Freedom Fighters (sans Sally) taking on Arachbot. Art by Stephen Davis.

The Turquoise Hill Freedom Fighters are a group of heroes based in the Turquoise Hill Zone. They are vaguely modelled on the main Freedom Fighters of Mobius.



Originally, the Turquoise Hill Freedom Fighters lived in the Green Hill Zone. The likes of Tux, Joe and Sally would frequently find themselves captured by Doctor Ivo Robotnik and used as organic batteries for his Badniks. Fortunately, they would always get rescued by Sonic the Hedgehog.

They later moved to the Emerald Hill Zone and began working on a secret base that would allow them to hide from Robotnik, now that he was ruler of the planet. Whether or not the base was finished, the Emerald Hill folk expanded into numerous villages throughout the Zone.

Sally was the first to leave to become a news reporter. Shortly after, the others were relocated to the Mushroom Hill Zone on the Floating Island to avoid Robotnik. What had been regular contact with Sonic had now dwindled and the hero of Mobius rarely had time to contact his old friends.

Freedom Fighters

Many years passed with no word on how the animals were doing. At some point in time, they moved to the Turquoise Hill Zone to establish a new life. Unfortunately, it would be one of many Zones targeted by the invasion of the New Robotnik Empire. The travellers joined forces and used their experience in fighting alongside Sonic to ward off Arachbot and other Badniks. Even Sally returned to help, broadcasting the defence effort whilst strangling a Newtron.

The Turquoise Hill Zone Leader rewarded the team, now dubbed "Freedom Fighters", with the Victoria Saltire. Tux remarked with pride that Tufftee had been captured eight times and beaten up a further five, “but he keeps coming back for more!”

It is currently unknown if the Freedom Fighters are still working together to protect their Zone from Robotnik's forces.


Freedom Fighters
Current Members: Tails - Amy Rose - Tekno the Canary - Cedric the Elephant - Big the Cat - Chrysalis - Kintobor Computer

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