Trouble in Paradise i

Big tries the soft approach with Buddy. Art by Mike Corker.

s a complete story starring Knuckles the Echidna, featuring in Issue 229 of Sonic the Comic Online.



Knuckles the Echidna and Porker Lewis have taken Tikal to Megopolis City, hoping to jog Tikal's memories about her past. Unfortunately, the spell placed on her by Ebony has proved to be strong and Tikal has no memory of her kingdom. She is simply distraught by the destruction of her home, but Knuckles is persistent. As Porker drags the Chaos Emeralds behind him, hoping to restore the Floating Island to its former self, Buddy is watching from a building above. The fish orders Big the Cat to drop a statue on the three people below, hoping to claim the Emeralds for himself and restore his former body. Big thinks doing this might hurt them, but Buddy knows this, insulting Big at the same time. The cat refuses to do anything while Buddy stays mean, so the Drakon decides to ask nicely. Beaming, Big follows his orders.

As the statue begins to fall, Knuckles notices that something is going wrong in the Emerald Chamber. Knuckles uses the Zoom Tube to get there quickly and finds the Guardian Robots congregated, not doing their task of performing repairs. The echidna notices that the settings on the control panel have been "changed" (read: altered with an iron bar), but a massive explosion of energy erupts from the island, causing a gust of wind to sweep across the whole place. Tikal is terrified, perhaps remembering her time with Chaos, but Knuckles comes to her rescue. He also asks what happened to Porker and the Chaos Emeralds but Tikal is unable to answer. Big the Cat, however, is and comes forward with information.


  • The title shares an unintentional similarity with Livin' in Paradise, Big's theme song from Sonic Adventure.


The previous Knuckles the Echidna story is Reunion. The next is Horror on the Haunted Hill.

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