Trooper Trouble i

Tails suspects something's off. Art by Carl Flint and Gina Hart.

s a 2-part Tails story beginning in Issue 85.



The Wood Village Zone is being terrorised by a Trooper who seems to collect taxes for Doctor Robotnik far more than the villagers feel is fair. Help is on the way, however - George has put word on the street about their tax collector and Tails soon arrives to tackle the rogue Trooper. The robot isn't keen on fighting, though, and flees into the forest where he finds a troop of Badniks. Turning the other way, he meets Tails again and, after throwing a rock to protect himself, he is uncovered as a donkey in a suit of armour. The donkey reveals he is Clive, a village wimp into science and technology who rebuilt a Trooper wreckage to teach them a lesson. Unfortunately, the real Troopers turn up and capture Tails and Clive.

Tails and Clive are taken onto an airship and chained to the wall by electrical cuffs. Clive, armed with a screwdriver, opens a panel in the wall and cuts the power to the cuffs, freeing them. Unfortunately, they are in midair and have cut power to the ship, spiralling them towards a crash landing. They jump out and Tails flies them to safety, though they are persued by a Trooper with a parachute. Tails flies above the robot and the dim-witted Trooper shoots his parachute, plummeting him towards the ground. Back on the surface, Clive regrets his decision to hide in the Trooper suit and agrees to pay back all the money he took.


  • As the Trooper ship starts to crash, foodstuff such as sandwiches and cups of tea can be seen, despite the robots not requiring such things (presumably).
  • The villagers forgive Clive very easily after helping Tails, seemingly forgetting the terror he caused up until then.


This story was reprinted in Issue 185 and Issue 186.


The previous Tails story was Sneaker Seeker. The next is Easy Target.

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