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Troopers were the primary Badnik used in Doctor Ivo Robotnik's occupation of Mobius: checkpoints, prisoner detail, law enforcement, and attacks on Freedom Fighters were all tasks for the Troopers. Unlike normal Badniks, the Troopers did not contain any organic batteries. They also showed a greater degree of intelligence than many normal Badniks, showing fear, arrogance, confusion, and a malicious delight in enforcing Robotnik's laws.

Large and humanoid in shape, they vaguely resembled humans in armour. Normally, Troopers would carry a variety of guns and were a purple/red colour, with grey faces. A number of Troopers differed from this model, but all possessed a distinctive set of fangs on their lower jaw. As well as working for Robotnik, it was implied that these models were able to be licensed by other companies to use as security guards, but as it was the Marxio Brothers, at the time under Robotnik's employ, who declared this, it is up for some debate.

An elite unit of modified Troopers, the Special Badnik Service, would be used in severe crises. The dreaded Commander Brutus rose from the SBS ranks to become second-in-command of Mobius. As Brutus tightened his grip on Mobius and his master, Robotnik's Troopers decided to side for Brutus in their entirity and were only too happy to follow his order to eradicate all organic lifeforms.

When Robotnik was deposed, the Troopers ceased to be used. When he returned as a Drakon Empire proxy during The Battle For Mobius, however, both the original Troopers and a new model were used in his first attack.

Notable Troopers

The first Trooper to show any kind of personality was in a throwaway Christmas strip that saw one accompany a Robotnik decoy (actually a bomb) to a Green Hill Zone party. After drinking too much oil, the Trooper confessed that his master was a weapon in time for Sonic the Hedgehog to dispose of it. Interestingly, this Trooper was not actually seen to be smashed.

Clive the Donkey dressed as one to threaten the Wood Village Zone and convince the inhabitants that he isn't a wimp. Unfortunately, a mix-up with Tails saw Clive flee into a real Trooper squadron, leading to the pair of them being captured. Clive used his engineering know-how to free them and confessed his crimes to his victims.

Jade Hill Zone resident Roger Bodge fixed up a destroyed Trooper so that it would be his butler. The robot came anew with a lick of golden paint and a modified teapot-arm. However, his original programming kicked back in upon seeing Sonic. The fight would have been straightforward had Bodge's DIY not been shoddy. Fortunately for Sonic, the Trooper's new programming conflicted with his mission and caused him to self-destruct, destroying Bodge's home.

A prototype series of Trooper was being constructed under the Emerald Hill Zone, but none were ever completed. Pringle learned of these and fooled Sonic into bringing one under his control, but the Trooper served only Robotnik. Unique about this Trooper was a capability to harness an organic battery, which he nearly achieved with Pringle, but was crushed by a falling ceiling.


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