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Trogg is a vicious Berzerker warrior who reigns in The Land Beyond. Once known as the third Enchanter King Shirob, one day he accidentally made contact with the demonic entity known as The Dark One. Cursed by dark magic, Shirob went mad and was transformed into the hideous creature known as Trogg. Fleeing to the Land Beyond , Trogg sought to one day return to the Nameless Zone as a conqueror. He made his first appearance in Sonic the Comic Issue 16 in The Nameless Zone.


When he made his first appearance, Trogg sought to do battle with the champion of the Nameless Zone. The Enchanter Kings summoned Tails to duel Trogg on the Dimension Bridge between the Nameless Zone and the Land Beyond, but Trogg could not take the little fox seriously. During the fight, however, Trogg cut one of the bridge's ropes and caused it to collapse. Trogg managed to hold on for his life but Tails was easily able to escape due to his flight ability. Humiliated, Trogg returned to the Land Beyond in defeat where he immediately began plotting his revenge. Briefly resuming his identity as Shirob, Trogg sent a magical SOS to the Enchanter Kings, knowing that they would call upon their champion Tails to rescue the lost Enchanter King. When Tails and Errol Blackthorn arrived in the Labyrinth, they found 'Shirob' in chains. After escaping from the Pit Beast, they were soon surrounded by Berzerkers and Trogg revealed himself and explained the truth about Shirob. The entire ordeal had been orchestrated to lure Tails to the Land Beyond where Trogg could take his revenge and kill the champion who had humiliated him so. But before he could strike Tails down, a portal appeared and Tails and Errol escaped through it, denying Trogg his revenge.

Trogg would later return to exact his revenge against Tails and conquer the Nameless Zone. He captured the Enchanter Kings and also Errol Blackthorn when he came to rescue the kings. Errol was transformed into a Berzerker by Trogg's magic and returned to the Nameless Zone to wreak havoc. However, Tails had been summoned back home, this time accompanied by Knuckles (whom the Nameless folk believed was actually Sonic the Hedgehog). The corrupted Blackthorn was imprisoned and Tails and Knuckles - along with Errol's sister Morain - ventured into the Land Beyond to rescue the Enchanter Kings. Trogg's army managed to capture the heroes and they bore witness to Trogg summoning the Dark One, who suspended the heroes in a forcefield and transformed the Enchanter Kings into evil Berzerkers. With the Enchanter Kings on his side, Trogg was ready to conquer the Nameless Zone. However, the Dark One had used much of its power to transform the kings and the forcefield holding Tails, Morain and Knuckles had dissipated. The heroes escaped and took the Dark Orb with them. Trogg and the Dark One pursued them to the Dimension Bridge, where Tails threw the Dark Orb into the non-existent space between dimensions. The orb ceased to exist, and so did the Dark One. With the Dark One destroyed, its corrupt magic dissipated and the Enchanter kings returned to normal. In his rage, Trogg lashed out at the heroes, but Knuckles punched him clear off the bridge and into non-existent space... or so it appeared. Trogg actually managed to grab the bridge rope at the last second and followed Tails and co. back to the Nameless Zone. He attacked Tails in a crazed frenzy, but before he could kill the fox he began to change. With the Dark One gone, the curse on Trogg was broken and he transformed back into Shirob. Shirob has remained with the other Enchanter Kings since while Trogg is now nothing but a bad memory.

Years later, the goblin king Roubal successfully gained control of the Nameless Zone through a peace treaty (with the threat of bloody war if it wasn't signed). Hardline goblins like Sergeant Gork were left nostalgic for Trogg though, believing Roubal's way gave the foxes too much say and that the goblin civilians are now weak.


Trogg possesses superior physical strength and also a degree of dark magical power. He was able to transform Errol Blackthorn by himself, but required the Dark One to transform the Enchanter Kings (quite possibly due to their own magic power protecting them).


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