Not to be confused with minor villain Loot the Treasure Seeker.

Treasure Seeker is a 2-part Amy Rose story that began in Issue 152 of Sonic the Comic. The strip is part of the Eternity Ring story arc.



Castle Grimm on Planet Gremlyn is the final destination for Xenor Krell, a treasure hunter on a quest to retrieve the Ultragem that was stolen from her people. Unfortunately, her mission is impeded by Serpentus, guardian of the gem, who surprises her which causes her to twist her ankle. Luckily for her, Xenor is rescued by the passing Tekno the Canary and Amy Rose, the latter using her crossbow to frighten off Serpentus. Xenor explains her plight, so Amy is only too happy to finish the mission off for her. Taking the map, Amy is faced with a choice between two doors; the first unleashes a flamethrower at her, whilst the second drops her into a pit of water. Although she barely manages to escape to the next room, she is rewarded by the waiting Ultragem. However, removing the gem from its plinth results in a trap door opening, plummeting Amy right into a pit of lava!

Before she can be boiled alive, Amy is rescued by a flying Tekno. The dark plot soon unfolds, with Xenor recovering the Ultragem and revealing she plans to use it conquer the world. The rock proves to be powerful, knocking the heroes off their feet. After being insulted by Amy, Krell uses the Ultragem to turn the floor around her to quicksand, but she is again rescued by Tekno. When Xenor turns the returning Serpentus into mist, Amy taunts her into turning the castle walls into solid silver. She then insults Krell once more, resulting in the villain firing the Ultragem at her antagonist. Amy and Tekno manage to jump out of the way, the blast rebounding off the polished walls and turning Xenor (and the gem) into dust. With the danger over, Amy and Tekno venture to their next (and final) destination.


  • The colour of the Ultragem changes continously throughout the story for no reason.
  • Xenor Krell is a parody of "Xena: Warrior Princess", whilst the whole adventure is similar to Tomb Raider.
  • When Krell zaps herself with the Ultragem, Amy says "'Mist' again, Tekno", presumably actually referring to Xenor. The statement also makes little sense as, upto that point, Xenor hadn't yet "missed" anything.


The previous Amy Rose story was The Thirteenth Task. The next is Gangster Trap.

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