Grimer and Nack activate their belts. Art by Nigel Dobbyn.

A transportation belt is a device capable of shrinking its wearer to microscopic sizes. Three such devices were created by Nack the Weasel; one for himself, one for Grimer and a spare that was stolen by Sonic the Hedgehog. The design is a simply one, consisting of a red cartridge to begin shrinking, a green cartridge to reverse the transformation and a central console.

Having discovered from a hypnotised Sonic that Doctor Robotnik had shrunk to nothing in the Floating Island's Emerald Chamber, Grimer deduced that Robotnik was not actually gone and enlisted Nack to create a shrinking device. The villains visited the island whilst already small, returning to full size to conduct a search for Robotnik. Before they could be captured by Sonic, Grimer and Nack activated their devices and began the journey to Shanazar. As he faded away, Nack lost his backpack when attacked Sonic, gifting the hedgehog a spare belt.

Upon his subsequent arrival on Shanazar, Sonic was attacked and knocked unconscious by Fajar's genie. Sonic's belt was removed from him, preventing escape from the tiny world. After escaping, Sonic still required belt and was forced to return to the palace. Unfortunately, he was captured by the Grand Vizier, but managed to escape with Grimer's keys.

Some time later, Sonic had forgotten all about the transportation belt and it took a blow to the head from the Mummy Boys of the Pyramid of Aggro to remind him, guessing that a wizard had caused him to forget. Furious, Sonic burst into Princess Kupacious' palace, only to discover that the belt had been incorporated into the Dimension Blender. The whereabouts of the other two belts was unknown.


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