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Total Chaotix is a 6-part Knuckles the Echidna story which began in Issue 53 of Sonic the Comic, introduces the Chaotix Crew to the comic, and is the beginning of the Brotherhood of Metallix story arc. It was later reprinted from Issue 179 to Issue 184.



Knuckles finally has some time to relax. The Master Emerald is back in the Emerald Chamber, and with all the Emeralds powered up, a shield can be maintained around the Floating Island. The Echidna pays a visit to the Mushroom Hill Zone, ensuring that the Emerald Hill folk are settling in, and checks out a crater caused by a blast from the Death Egg. Around the crater, he comes across a large stone ring, covered in ancient writing about a dream country. Without warning, the ring glows, and Knuckles is sucked into it. He arrives in the Special Zone, where he realises he misread the ancient writing, his people always referring to the Zone as the Nightmare Country. Suddenly, he is confronted by the Omni-Viewer, who knows of Knuckles' brief alliance with Dr Robotnik and summons Chaotix, the guardians of the Special Zone.

Elsewhere, bursting out of Robotnik's old Egg Fortress, appear two Metallixes, who have a fix on a target. At the same time, Omni continues to accuse Knuckles of supporting Robotnik, the Echidna's protests going ignored. Knuckles avoids Mighty's punch, and doesn't have much trouble fending off Nack and Espio, or Vector, who bites his tongue when Knuckles hits him. Omni quickly steps in to reveal to the crew that Knuckles has been telling the truth, but is interrupted when two blurry shapes appear on his screen. As they appear in more detail, Knuckles recognises them as Metallixes.

Vector tries to enter the screen to attack the Metallixes, but they have blocked Chaotix out. Within the screen, they activate a device which imprisons Omni, and depart, leaving an empty frame. Knuckles and Chaotix agree to rescue Omni, though Nack doesn't trust Knuckles, thinking the Echidna and Metallixes are linked. Vector figures that the robots are operating from the Egg Fortress, and the heroes set forth. In the Fortress itself, the Metallixes report to their Emperor, who proceeds to perform a data transfer with the Omni-Viewer, and proceed to the second stage, disabling Omni's audio link first. At the same time, Knuckles and Chaotix arrive outside the Fortress. Impatient, Mighty breaks through the hull with a single punch, unfortunately setting the alarm off, when they wanted to break in quietly.

Metallix targets the hiding Chaotix.

The Emperor identifies the intruders, and dispatches a lone Metallix to deal with them. Elsewhere in the Fortress, the alarm has stopped and Espio and Mighty are arguing amongst themselves. Charmy returns with news that a Metallix is approaching, at which point the heroes escape into a ventilation duct. They are quickly caught however when Nack "inadvertently" kicks a grate open. The weasel makes a run for it, and the Metallix proceeds to violently attack the rest of Chaotix before eventually bringing down a good deal of the structurework upon them. The Metallix assesses the damage, noting that four out of five authorised targets have been disabled. Suddenly, Knuckles emerges from behind the robot and prepares to battle.

Knuckles begins to fight the Metallix, struggling against its death ray and sheer speed. He takes a hit from a laser blast, but launches a surprise attack when the Metallix prepares to finish him off, impaling the robot with a girder. Nack reappears, amazed that Knuckles defeated a Metallix, and they hurry to see if the rest of Chaotix are still alive. Suddenly, much of the rubble is raised, and Chaotix are revealed to be very much alive, thanks to Mighty keeping the rubble from crushing them. Without warning, Metallix reappears, still functioning even with a gaping hole in its chest. The Emperor is observing, noting to the Omni-Viewer that Knuckles and Chaotix can't hope to rescue him, and that the robot will soon have access to his power. Back with the heroes, Nack leads Knuckles and Chaotix to where Omni is being kept, the malfunctioning Metallix shambling after them, and soons leads them right into the Emperor's chamber, where the heroes are surrounded by Metallixes, revealing that Nack has betrayed them.

For the right price, Nack gave the Metallixes the Omni-Viewer's access codes and tricked his friends into walking into a trap, but now he has served his purpose. He and the others are ordered to be terminated, but Nack whips a miniature disruptor from the brim of his hat. Before it can enlarge to full size however, Nack is hit by a Metallix's death ray. Knuckles dives for the disruptor and dodges the robots' blasts just long enough to work out how the machine works. Every Metallix in the Fortress shuts down, and Espio checks on Nack, who fortunately for him didn't take the full force of the death ray. Vector downloads the Omni-Viewer from the system, fully operational save for some system directory damage, and the heroes depart. Knuckles is soon after returned to the Floating Island, amazed at the Omni-Viewer's power but slightly concerned, both for Omni, who doesn't remember much of his ordeal, and the Metallixes who seem to have been working for themselves, not Robotnik. Back in the Egg Fortress, the Metallixes' back-up systems activate. They have created a pirate copy of the Omni-Viewer, and can now travel anywhere in time and space. The Emperor Metallix addresses his numerous subjects, stating the day when the Brotherhood of Metallix will reign supreme is coming....


  • This is one of the stories in which Charmy's name is written as Charmee.
  • The ring transporting Knuckles to the Special Zone is possibly an early Mobius Ring.


"Total Chaotix" has been regarded as one of the most popular strips to appear in Sonic the Comic. Various discussions have established it to be one of the best Kitching strips, as well as a challenger for best ever. A poll in the Message Zone saw "Total Chaotix" voted the best Knuckles story, receiving 25.7% of the vote.

Particular praise for the strip was aimed at the introduction of both the Chaotix Crew and the Brotherhood of Metallix. Elson's art was also touched upon, although there were debates over whether or not his work here was as good as Nigel Dobbyn's later Knuckles art.


The previous Knuckles the Echidna story was Knuckles Versus the Cybernik. The next story was The Revenge of Trogg. The next story in the Brotherhood of Metallix arc was The Brotherhood of Metallix.