To the Hero of Mobius
is a complete Sonic's World story appearing in Issue 261 of Sonic the Comic Online.



Tails is getting impatient in Buddy's Bistro waiting for Big to find a parcel he is meant to take charge of. Big however, has something else on his mind, in the form of a sandwich he lost ages ago, which turned out to be under Tails' parcel. Tails heads off, now running a little late, but is delayed by a squad of Badniks. He begins fighting them with his free hand, but the parcel is stolen mid-battle by Rouge the Bat. Amy steps in to fight off the Badniks while Rouge escapes, intending to take the parcel to the Drakons, despite not knowing what it even contains. Suddenly, she is intercepted by Chaotix and Knuckles, who intend to bring her to Dunzi. But then their machine activates unexpectedly, triggering the arrival of a gelatinous monster which the collected heroes, now joined by Tails, take on while Rouge quietly leaves. Tails continues on when the battle is over, only to be confronted by a beast named the Tar Titan. While the creature tries to monologue, Tails idly kicks a fire hydrant, reducing the Titan to a pile of soggy goop. A short time later, Tails has arrived in the Emerald Hill Zone with seconds to spare. His moment of relief is ruined however by the appearance of a portal to the Nameless Zone: Morain, Pippa and Trent are in trouble again. Tails despondently heads through the portal to help out, thinking the parcel will be safer on top of the old stone loop. By the time Tails returns home, night has fallen and Sonic is waiting atop the loop with the parcel, impatient and bored of waiting. Sonic isn't interested in hearing about Tails' trying day however: He's hungry and he rips the parcel open to reveal...his birthday cake.


  • Ray makes his fourth appearance in STC Online, and actually vocalises for the first time, choking as a result of the Tar Titan's stench.
  • Trent talks about how they just had their greatest adventure yet in the Nameless Zone while Megadroid apologises that we couldn't see it, poking fun at the story's own format.


The strip introduced a number of Badniks from Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II:

As well as these, old favourites Burrobot and Newtron were also involved in the attack on the Metropolis Zone.


The previous Sonic's World story was Big the Cat Hits the Road!. The next story is The World's Worst Villain.

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