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Tikal in the ruins of Megopolis City.

Tikal the Echidna is an Echidna from the ancient past who used her magic to summon Sonic to her time. When he appeared, she asked him if there were any echidnas left, but Sonic couldn't bring himself to tell her that other than Knuckles and Doctor Zachary, there were no other echidnas.

She later reappeared in Sonic the Comic Online. She first appeared when Sonic got a surge of Chaos Energy letting Tikal sustain her own form. It was later revealed that her spirit resided in his body when he was submerged in Chaos. Later it was also revealed that when Chaos was trapped, Tikal was trapped with him, leading her to over 8,000 years of fear and torture. At first, Tikal was able to suppress the fear but as time went on, she began to lose her mind. Ebony suggested to wipe her memories to prevent her from going insane, but Knuckles was against it for fearing that Tikal's memory of the ancient past would be erased too. Nonetheless, Ebony wiped Tikal's memory and she forgot her life in acient times. Now Knuckles is trying to help Tikal regain her memory. Knuckles has tried to bring back her memories by taking her to the ruins of Megopolis City, which led to her being involved in a battle against Rouge the Bat in the Haunted Hill Zone and an encounter with the King of Ghosts. She later visited an old Echidna shrine in order to make contact with her past, but only found countless ghosts of murdered Echidnas who scared her away with cryptic references to the returning god of death.

Afterwards, she and Knuckles saw that entire zones were being destroyed and the phrase "Vichama is coming home". Eventually, a great building rose up on the Floating Island. There Vichama appeared in his new body, after briefly possessing Tikal, and killed Knuckles with a single blast. Tikal managed to escape and followed the Guardian Robots which led her to the Guardian Stone where she witnessed Knuckles being newly revived. Knuckles then shattered the Guardian Stone (the very reason he was able to live throughout thousands of years) and cut Vichama with it, turning him mortal. Tikal then sent the Echidna spirits murdered by Vichama to attack him, sending him into a world of darkness.

A short time later, Tikal played her part as a 'hostage' in a long-winded plan to implant a scanner into Doctor Zachary's bionic eye when he eventually tried to escape from the Floating Island with a Guardian Robot. The plan went without a hitch, since it was carefully thought out the day before the Doctor's escape, everyone played their parts well, and it wouldn't have worked in the first place if the robots hadn't been designed to follow her orders. The next step was to monitor Zachary's every move and let him lead Knuckles and Tikal back to their people.

This plan seems to have taken a backseat, thanks to Robotnik launching his new, massive offensive upon Mobius. Tikal played her part in the Battle for Mobius by helping Knuckles pilot the Floating Island in aerial combat with several of Robotnik's fleets in a new proactive stance Knuckles is taking in guarding the Emeralds. Tikal continues to take an active part in the war, watching over events from the Floating Island whilst Knuckles is away.






Floating Island
Current Inhabitants: Knuckles the Echidna - Tikal - Porker Lewis - Guardian Robots

Former Inhabitants: Emerald Hill Folk - Gizoid (robot)