The World's Worst Villain
is a complete Sonic's World story appearing in Issue 262 of Sonic the Comic Online .



The kids of Sunset Hill Zone's Happy Acres Primary School have been set their homework early today. The task: Write an essay on the hero or villain of their choice. A girl quietly asks young Toby who he plans to do his essay on and he vaguely responds with Sonic, but is caught talking by the teacher and kept behind. Desperate not to get in trouble with his mother for being home late, Toby tries taking a shortcut through the cemetary and is immediately attacked by a squadron of Badniks. Fortunately, Sonic shows up and takes them all down with minimal effort. Toby is now even more scared of Sonic than he was by the tombstones or Badniks and swears he'll do anything as long as Sonic won't hurt him. A short time later, he has fulfilled Sonic's request and bought him a burger. As Sonic wolfs it down, he laments on his current lot in life. But it's not all bad. He knows he's innocent, and now Toby does too. As Sonic departs, Toby has a brainwave. The next day, back at school, everybody has written an essay on that 'creep' Sonic, except the class outcast, Charlie, who wrote about Tails. Toby's feeling pretty good about his essay, having crossed out 'traitor' and written 'hero' in the title, until he sees that the teacher's given him an F, putting him in a sour mood.


  • The kids' uniforms change between each day, going from different colours at the beginning to everyone wearing blue at the end.


The previous Sonic's World story was To the Hero of Mobius. This is the current story.  

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