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The Ultimax are a team of heroes, formed in the wake of The Battle For Mobius. They are available as special back-up for the police, have a vast amount of technology at their disposal and a multi-million Ring sponsorship. Their biggest problem however, is their ineptness and lack of co-ordination when in a combat situation. Needless to say, Tails was slightly stunned as he watched them struggle against the Green Gremlin. Upon the Gremlin's defeat, thanks to Tails, the Ultimax were faced with a request from Tails to form a mutually beneficial alliance. While Dexter was unsure and rather dismissive at first, his opinion was swayed by a few nudges from his teammates.


Having teamed up with Tails, the Ultimax's first real test was to assist in the evacuation of the Maple Flower Zone by escorting its citizens through underground tunnels to the Emerald Hill Zone. Unfortunately, due to his selfish desire to be famous across the planet, Dexter set up The Ultimax-Eye, a TV show that would follow the heroes around and capture their best moments. Tails was not made aware of this development and, when presenter Dermot Delirious unwittingly exposed the secret operation to the watching Doctor Robotnik outside, the mission was soon jeopardised. Dexter was eventually able to put his ego to one side and the trio aided Tails in rescuing the people.

Subsequent appearances from the members have been low key. They were seen to be helping Tails protect a delivery of Christmas cards from a fleet of Balkiry Badniks before they were invited to the Freedom Fighters' Christmas party by the Kintobor Computer.

The Ultimax continued to work alongside Tails and were on-site to witness the arrival of Silver the Hedgehog and watched as he explained how his future believes that Tails is the hero of Mobius. Later, news comes through that Super Sonic has been unleashed, yet they are currently unaware that Dexter is the one to have set him free. Theo joins up with a number of the Freedom Fighters in the assault against him, eventually subduing him. Dexter is put on trial, with the other Ultimax members initially on his side, not believing that he could do such a thing. However, they do not jump to his defence when Amy Rose exposes him.

With Dexter imprisoned, Holly and Theo team up with Tails and the rest of the Free Mobius coalition to defend the Emerald Hill Zone from a final assault from Robotnik's forces.


  • Theodore Abram Spartacus - A turtle and the muscle of the Ultimax. May be a parody of Theo Paphitis. Theo is well-dressed outside of duty, but loses the image when in action. Somewhat sophisticated, but gets on well with Holly. He seems to be a good fighter, but unfortunately is useless without his contacts. He also seems to carry a flame for Amy Rose.
  • Holly 'Jumpinjax' Thumpfoot - A hare, and the team's only female member. Hailing from the Hill Top Zone and notably hyperactive, Holly is something of a valley girl, and a fangirl, if her reaction to meeting Tails is anything to go by. She loves the idea of being a Freedom Fighter and is one of the first to try and convince Dexter to accept Tails' offer.

Former members

  • Dexter 'Codex' Bagstille - The Ultimax's somewhat aloof ex-leader and multimillionaire CEO of Macrosoft. Wants to do his part to help those in need, but wants to do it his own way. A parody of Bill Gates. He sees Tails as something of a mascot.


  • Stephen Davis, creator of the Ultimax, has stated they were originally going to be called The Zonerunners.
  • Dexter's design is based on the Flicky character designed for the unreleased Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon which would eventually be replaced with the SatAM series.


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