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The Ultimate Nightmare is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story that first appeared in Issue 88 of Sonic the Comic. It was later reprinted in Issue 209.



On the Chaotix Crew's Satellite Base in the Special Zone, Chaotix and Sonic have convened for a meeting. Sonic has noticed that Super Sonic's position has moved inside the Omni-Viewer, with one extra finger now poking out of the screen. Charmy Bee reveals that he had already seen this but didn't tell anyone because Vector the Crocodile always yells at him. Vector duly yells at him but Sonic calms things down, asking why this is happening. Espio the Chameleon realises that Omni must have just slowed down time.

Mighty the Armadillo is then distracted by a box in the middle of the floor. Chaotix gather around it and open it, but are enveloped in a green cloud that sends them into an endless nightmare. From out of the Box of Nightmares come Lord Sidewinder and his team, who had been shrunk by Nack the Weasel. Sidewinder plans to kidnap the Omni-Viewer and make Super Sonic his slave. However, Sonic was not affected by the nightmares and is able to fight the villains without Chaotix's help. Bio-Hazard attempts to poison Sonic with his toxic sludge but hits Sidewinder instead. Since the antidote is back at their base, they escape and Chaotix wake from their nightmares. When all has been explained, Sonic reveals that Nack the Weasel was involved.


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