Not to be confused by The Trickster (story)

The Trickster is a criminal from another dimension, created by Jim Alexander. In the story of the same name, The Trickster sent a "Smart" missile to destroy Sonic the Hedgehog. The missile gave Sonic four rhymes which would eventually lead to the opportunity to deactivate the missile. Before Sonic had to make a decision on which wire to cut, Tekno the Canary appeared and shut it down, whilst opening a gateway to The Trickster's world.

In his Zone, a recording of him appears to taunt the heroes. The Trickster appears goofy, with one tooth sticking out of his closed mouth. He also wears an earring in his left ear and has wild grey hair. After leading the heroes through the Zone with his rhymes, The Trickster accidentally reveals himself when Tekno rhymes a warning to Sonic - he's used shape-changing to replace Tekno! When Sonic discovers his scheme, The Trickster decides to seal the door to the outside world. With Sonic and Tekno only just making it back to Metropolis City, The Trickster is safe forever.


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