The Thirteenth Task is a complete Amy Rose story from Issue 149 of Sonic the Comic.



At their next destination, Amy and Tekno the Canary find that their clothes have been changed again to fit in with the environment. Unfortunately, they're on Planet Earth and the nearby humans are understandably alarmed by the giant hedgehog and canary. They are soon "greeted" by Hercules, who plans to fight them to the death - once he's gotten over his touch of wind. Amy reveals that they aren't "demons", just female aliens. Realising they're just women, Hercules orders them into the kitchen. Consulting her scanner, Tekno explains that Hercules is the son of Zeus and has superhuman strength, but he won't be allowed onto Mount Olympus, even though he has completed twelve tasks for Eurytheus of Arcos.

Later, Hercules tucks into another meal but is interrupted by the sudden arrival of the Minotaur. Believing this could be the last task, Hercules hurries to fight him but his weight causes him to trip over a stool. The minotaur draws his sword but Tekno knocks it out of his hand and Amy knocks him out. Hercules apologises for getting the wrong idea about the girls, prompting to Zeus to appear and spell out that equality was the final task. Hercules receives a makeover and is admitted into Olympus. Tekno is ready to go to their next destination, but Amy wants to finish her dinner first.


  • This is the only time that Amy and Tekno are not seen travelling to their next destination, either through the Limbo Dimension or any other means.
  • The mythical character Eurystheus is misspelled "Eurytheus" and Argos is wrongly named "Arcos". These may or may not be intentional spelling changes.
  • The defeat of the Minotaur is usually attributed to Theseus in actual mythology, though Hercules battled the Cretan Bull, as owned by King Minos (who was partially responsible for the birth of the Minotaur), as a part of his twelve labours.


The previous Amy Rose strip was Small Talk. The next is Treasure Seeker.

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