The Take-Over is a 4-

Knuckles bears down upon the crooks. Art by Nigel Dobbyn.

part Knuckles the Echidna story beginning in Issue 135 of Sonic the Comic. It turned out to be the final solo Knuckles story of the original run.



One fine day on Mobius, a troop from the Doctor Robotnik Appreciation Tribe (DRAT) are heading to the Floating Island on a mission to steal the Chaos Emeralds. With all the island's systems working perfectly, Knuckles and Porker Lewis are surprised to see a ship heading to Megopolis City. Knuckles heads out to stop them, but the Guardian Robots have already trapped them. However, it transpires that the four new members said they could deal with the robots, but have fled. Realising the rest of DRAT were just a distraction, Knuckles finds the other four and a battle breaks out between him and Mr Beta. Realising he's losing the fight, Ms Alpha orders Mr Delta to temporarily blind Knuckles, allowing them to throw Knuckles off the island.

As Knuckles falls, he manages to glide into the side of the island and waits until his sight returns. Climbing up, part of the island he is attached to breaks off and Knuckles has to leap for a vine. The vine is weak, however, and Knuckles falls again to a pipe. Luckily, he is next to a hatch leading to the ancient tunnel system, but opening it leads to a family of bats flocking out, startling Knuckles and nearly making him fall again. Back on the surface, Porker is alone and scared, so he sends out the Guardian Robots to attack the intruders.

In the tunnel, Knuckles bemoans his bad luck as the robots prepare to fight the intruders. Beta attempts to thwart the new enemy but is easily beaten. Delta finds the robots' frequency and sets 'chameleon circuits' to match them, rendering them invisible to the the robots' sensors. The villains move into a tunnel, which happens to be one parallel to Knuckles'. He bursts into their tunnel and fights off Mr Beta, before Mr Gamma attaches a shock collar around Knuckles' neck, which Alpha generously demonstrates.

The crooks reveal that the Chaos Emeralds aren't their goal, but the island's hidden treasure. Fully aware that Knuckles won't fight back, they walk off, unaware that Knuckles is reaching for a stone. He throws it at the device capable of shocking him, knocking it out of Ms Alpha's hand. She finds it and is ready to punish Knuckles when a Guardian Robot arrives and crushes it, followed by two more robots. With their chameleon circuits not working, the team of villains surrender. Back in the Emerald Chamber, Knuckles confesses to a robot that he's worried about Porker's whereabouts, when the pig himself pops out of the robot. He reveals that he manually piloted the robot, as the rest still couldn't see the crooks. Knuckles is impressed, but still needs Porker to do one last thing - help him out of the shock collar.


  • This story marked the end of Knuckles' solo adventures. Writer Nigel Kitching had wrote every single one of them since the first, with Nigel Dobbyn drawing the majority of them.
  • Ms Alpha resembles Max Gamble, another villainous lizard.
  • Knuckles plans to arrange for the authorities to come and pick up DRAT and the other villains. It is one of the first times that Knuckles has openly allowed outsiders on to the island (except for the Emerald Hill Folk, which was a favour for Sonic the Hedgehog).


The previous Knuckles the Echidna story was On The Run. There were no more until Reunion in Sonic the Comic Online.

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