The Sky's the Limit is a complete Tails story from Issue 135 of Sonic the Comic.



The Emerald Hill folk are going about their business when their morning is interrupted by a flying saucer. Inside, Sydney Bland reveals that he wishes to fill the void left by the defeat of Doctor Robotnik, announcing himself as new world leader of Mobius. Tails is in the area and discovers that Bland inherited a fortune and spent it on his spaceship. However, despite being assured that Bland is no threat, a house is swiftly destroyed by the newt's laser cannons. Tails jumps into action, flying to the ship to stop the enemy. Bland tries to shoot the fox out of the sky and, when that fails, decides to fly into space (mocking Top Gear in the process). Tails may have failed, but he has a plan to exploit Bland's greed.

In space, Bland decides to turn on his television, watching the news whilst enjoying a cup of tea. The news programme states that a shipment of valuable gold rings are being transported from the Eldorado Zone to the Emerald Hill Zone, interesting Bland. Sure enough, the criminal returns to the planet in his saucer and scoops up the Rings from out of Tails' possession. The fox gives chase, despite Bland's taunts about the previous attempt. However, the weight of the Rings halts Bland's progress and he is unable to gain altitude. Eventually, he comes to a crash landing and the spaceship is ruined. As he is plucked from the wreckage, Bland confesses that the money didn't make him happy, so he aimed to make everyone else miserable. Bland is then thrown in jail.


  • With no visible satellites in space, it is unclear how Bland is getting a television reception.
  • Rings are shown to be much larger than their previous appearances, now bigger than most Mobians.
  • The weight of the Rings should have stopped Bland from taking off in the first place.
  • Tails' speech about Bland making himself miserable makes no sense, as he explicitly already mentioned that he was miserable beforehand.
  • The title is referenced, possibly unintentionally, on the cover of Issue 239.


The previous Tails story was Cat Trick. The next is Doctor Genius.

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