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Not to be confused with characters The Seven Badniks.

The Seven Badniks is a 4-part Sonic's World story be

The titular Badniks. Art by Mike Hadley and John Burns.

ginning in Issue 59 of Sonic the Comic. It marks the return of the Badnik Army Repair Functionaries.



Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails have headed to the Hill Top Zone to fight off another Badnik attack, this time armed with fire extinguishers. Tails begins to squirt foam into a Rexon's mouth to stop it shooting fireballs while Sonic unleashes a Spin Attack, destroying the threat. With that and a Crawl Badnik defeated, Sonic and Tails head home. Some time later, B.A.R.F. arrive to assess the damage to yet more destroyed Badniks. As they contemplate their situation, with the Badniks trashed beyond repair, Doctor Robotnik himself arrives on the scene. Bert is furious that Sonic always knows how to defeat the robots and Cam wishes the heroes didn't know which Badniks would appear in any given Zone. The latter thought gives Robotnik an idea and orders B.A.R.F. to clear up the Zone before reporting to him later. At Robotnik's base, the tyrant reveals his plan to transport some advanced Badniks from the Palmtree Panic Zone to the Green Hill Zone. Next time Sonic appears expecting Green Hill Badniks, the hedgehog will be overpowered. Bert likes the doctor's plan, but is unsure about capturing live Badniks. Attaching the Ark Pod to their ship, the villains head to the Miracle Planet's Palmtree Panic Zone, ready to begin their mission.

Cam and Bert disembark and tell the assembled Badniks about their plan. One Badnik angrily refuses to leave and threatens B.A.R.F., ordering them to leave. Bert's response is to attack with his Number One Hammer, prompting the other Badniks to give in and follow their masters on to the ship. They then fly to the Green Hill Zone; as soon as they land, the Palmtree Panic Badniks rip into their Green Hill counterparts, not willing to share a Zone with such "feeble" Badniks. Horrified that their plan is not working, Cam and Bert leap into battle, joining the side of the Green Hill Badniks, but it isn't looking good. The functionaries try a double-team approach, salvaging a few of the home Badniks. B.A.R.F. entice the wounded on to their ship and fly off, leaving the Palmtree Panic forces to enjoy their victory.

The pair now have no idea what to do, so their first plan is to dump the old Badniks in the derelict Palmtree Panic Zone. However, a civilian has tipped off the Freedom Fighters that all the Badniks have gone and are now using the Zone as a holiday retreat. Upon seeing Sonic, B.A.R.F. flee and try a different approach. Returning back to the Green Hill Zone, Cam tries to convince the Palmtree Badniks to return home and fight the "rebels". The answer is less than favourable, the Badniks liking their new home. Luckily, Cam has a new plan. Heading to the Badnik Research and Development Facility, Cam suggests that they use parts from new Badnik prototypes to repair the old ones. Bert isn't sure about messing with the prototypes, but upon realising he risks facing Robotnik's wrath, he whips out his Number Two Hammer and begins the repair work. Some hours later, Bert has finished his work. B.A.R.F. has created a new attack force - The Seven Badniks!

The Seven are quickly dropped into the Green Hill Zone, tasked with driving the invaders back into the Ark Pod for transportation to the Miracle Planet. The new Badniks prove to be extremely efficient, remaining largely unscathed by enemy attacks, their own hidden weapons a surprise to the older Badniks. Before very long at all, The Seven have rounded up all the invaders. As Cam and Bert head back to the Miracle Planet, The Seven stay behind, ready to defend the Green Hill Zone with all their power. On the Miracle Planet, the villains set the Ark Pod down away from the rebels' base. Keen to get away from B.A.R.F., the Badniks charge into Sonic, who quickly rips his old enemies apart. Cam is crestfallen, Bert left wondering how Sonic would have fared against The Seven.


  • Cam and Bert have acquired new uniforms, alluding to the fact within the story.
  • This story marks B.A.R.F.'s second, and final, appearance.
  • The Seven Badniks are never seen again. It is unclear if they were defeated by Sonic or the electromagnetic pulse a couple of years later.
  • Part 2 miscredits the lettering to Tom Frame.


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