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The Seven Badniks were once some of the strongest Badniks ever seen, patrolling the Green Hill Zone on a mission to eradicate Sonic the Hedgehog and the Freedom Fighters. They were originally created from scraps of wounded Green Hill Badniks that had been badly beaten by Palmtree Panic Zone forces. The Badnik Army Repair Functionaries decided it was a good idea to take all of the Green Hill Badniks that were left and create stronger ones in order to drive the invading forces out.

The Seven, as they became known, were hybrids of the five models of Green Hill Badnik, plus a few other scraps left over from other Badniks:

  • Metamoto - mainly a Moto Bug armed with a laser blaster
  • Choppalien - a Chopper mounted on a conveyor belt and fitted with a smaller jaw inside the main one
  • Motobotnik - very similar to Metamoto, but with a different blaster and arms
  • Buzzorgsky - a humanoid Badnik on wheels with twin blasters
  • Crabaton - a large Badnik with two Crabmeat claws and a blaster
  • Crabinator - armed with one massive crab claw
  • Buzznik - similar to Crabaton

The Seven went to the Green Hill Zone tasked with getting the Palmtree Panic Badniks onto the Ark Pod with minimal casulaties. They immediately proved their worth by resisting Palmtree Panic weapon fire and quickly intimidated them back on board. After witnessing The Seven's power, many Anton Badniks surrendered, but one rogue Pata-Bata resisted capture, attacking Choppalien but being bested by its hidden mouth. After that, the rest of the rogues surrendered. With Green Hill safe, The Seven were told to defend the Zone for the "noble" Doctor Robotnik.


  • The Seven's motto is "Honour, Humility, and Valour!"
  • They are based on "The Magnificent Seven", in turn based on "The Seven Samurai".
  • These are the only Badniks shown not to be created by either Robotnik, Grimer, or Commander Brutus (excluding the Nicenik repair job shown in No More Mr. Nice Bug).
  • The Seven were never shown to be defeated by Sonic or his friends, but probably wouldn't have survived the electromagnetic pulse from the Black Asteroid.