The Revenge of Trogg is a 6-part joint Knuckles the Echidna and Miles "Tails" Prower story, mostly taking part in the Nameless Zone. The strip began in Issue 59.



Knuckles the Echidna is busy getting the Floating Island's systems back online, now that the Chaos Emeralds have been restored, so he isn't happy when the intruder alarm sounds. Rushing outside, all seems to be fine in the Mushroom Hill Zone, but a green light is shining from around the corner. Tails, supposed to be helping the Emerald Hill folk, is being kidnapped by another fox, or so it seems. Without hesitating, Knuckles leaps at the old fox and all three of them plunge into a portal, landing them in the Nameless Zone. Tails rushes to explain; he introduces Knuckles to Shaman Warpull, but the elder assumes that Tails' companion is none other than Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails' supposed sidekick. Warpull explains that the two Enchanter Kings have been taken captive by Trogg and taken to the Land Beyond. Errol Blackthorn had been sent to save them, but he returned as a monster, and he is now here to fight Tails.

Errol reveals that Trogg has made him stronger before swiping his sword at the fox. Warpull tells Knuckles to stand back, allowing their champion to fight. The echidna, however, knows the "extent" of Tails' strength and lends a hand, jumping into the fight with Errol. Their strength seems to be matched but Knuckles eventually gets the better of his foe, knocking him out. Once Errol is in chains, Knuckles informs everyone that Tails has a plan. Taken aback, Tails' "plan" is to write a stiff letter to Trogg, but Knuckles jumps in, stating that they plan to go to The Land Beyond and get the Kings back. Armed with his armour and sword, Tails goes with Knuckles across the Dimension Bridge.

Once there, they notice that someone has followed them. Wondering if Errol had broken free, the figure is revealed to be Morain, the brother of Errol, wanting revenge for what happened to her brother. Knuckles and Morain launch into an argument about the dangers and Morain being a girl, but Tails stops them, drawing attention to the five goblins now gathered. Trogg watches the fight from his chamber, plotting revenge against Tails. The Kings are also there and Trogg plans to turn them into superior beings once the moon reaches its zenith. Outside, the fight seems to be won but Tails wants to surrender. The reason becomes clear when the other two spot the rest of the goblins, a lot more than five.

The heroes are captured and taken to see Trogg. The beast reveals that Errol was easy to turn into a monster, but the Enchanter Kings are going to need some help. When the moon is ready, Trogg will call on The Dark One. The moon's "rays" are focused onto an orb, from which a demonic figure appears - The Dark One has risen. As the goblins gaze at their master, Knuckles breaks the Kings from their shackles and the party head to the tunnels. Trogg, however, spots them and sends The Dark One after them. It attacks and freezes them in midair, while Trogg gets to work on turning the Enchanter Kings into a powerful beast like him.

The Dark One begins the transformation; the Kings plead with Trogg, trying to get Trogg to remember his life as Shirob, the third Enchanter King. Trogg seems to have gone completely evil, however and it doesn't take long until the Kings are the same. Meanwhile, the forcefield holding the heroes has vanished, the Dark One taking all his power to perform the transformation. Trogg and the demon turn to them to find that they have left, along with the orb containing the Dark One's power. They are now outside at the Dimension Bridge, planning to take the orb home and force the Dark One to revert the Kings back to foxes. The plan is impeded by the appearace of The Dark One, Trogg and the Kings. Knuckles orders Tails to get rid of the orb; he does so, throwing it into the void where The Dark One ceases to exist. With his power gone, the Kings return to normal but Trogg is livid at his plan being foiled.

Knuckles steps in to fight, punching Trogg hard. He staggers back, breaking the rope sides and falls into the abyss. Back in the Nameless Zone, Shaman Warpull congratulates Tails and the Kings are glad to be back to normal. Errol has also returned to being a fox, glad to see Morain alive. Morain is confused; Tails called 'Sonic' Knuckles earlier and she wants to know why. Her protests are ended by the reappearance of Trogg, who survived by holding onto one of the snapped ropes. Before he can have his revenge and kill Tails, the effects of The Dark One's demise finally kick in and Trogg returns to being Shirob - the Enchanter Kings are three once more. Ecstatic, Shirob returns Tails and his sidekick to Mobius, Morain still none the wiser.


  • The Nameless Zone is supposed to be protected by magic, meaning people can only enter the Zone if somebody beats their champion on the bridge. However, this is forgotten when Trogg attacks Tails in the Nameless Zone.


This story was reprinted from Issue 198 to Issue 203.


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