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The Rampage of Mekanik is a two-part Sonic the Hedgehog story which began in Issue 57 of Sonic the Comic.



Dr Robotnik has personally come to the Emerald Hill Zone to see if the reports of the Zone being abandoned are true. They are, and he is understandably annoyed, but soon cheered up by Grimer, who reminds him that there are other Zones to cause trouble in.... Soon, what initially seems to be an earthquake comes to the Stone Tower Zone, which until now has been ignored by Robotnik. The source of the tremors is quickly revealed to be a monstrous robot dinosaur who Robotnik has called Mekanik. The Freedom Fighters arrive to put a stop to it, but Sonic's initial attack on one of Mekanik's legs doesn't even dent it. As Mekanik takes a swing at the heroes with its tail, Shortfuse the Cybernik arrives, investigating for Badnik activity. He takes a shot at Mekanik, but his laser does nothing. The Cybernik theorises that Mekanik's armour must be as strong as his, and he joins the Freedom Fighters in battle. As Amy shoots the robot in a space between its armour, Sonic and Shortfuse go straight for its head. After Sonic's first attack, Shortfuse is shot down by Mekanik's fiery breath, and Sonic quickly finds himself in the robot's clutches.
Amy and Johnny get the Zone's residents to safety, then begin looking for Shortfuse, unable to save Sonic without the Cybernik. They quickly find him, a little woozy but otherwise unharmed. Before Mekanik can eat Sonic, Shortfuse blasts the robot's hand, and brings Sonic back to solid ground. Sonic theorises that while Mekanik may be invulnerable from the outside, he won't be from inside, and he and Shortfuse try a different tactic. The Cybernik concentrates his fire on one area of the robot's leg, weakening the metal enough so Sonic is able to break inside. While Shortfuse keeps Mekanik busy, Sonic rips out the wiring inside and causes several vibrations with his sheer speed, and soon Mekanik is literally shaken apart, crashing to the ground in several pieces. As life begins to return to normal in the Stone Tower Zone, Shortfuse departs to resume his lone vigilante work. Back in Citadel Robotnik, Robotnik is fuming at the loss of Mekanik. However, he's prepared to try a new tactic: taking some of the strain off his shoulders and commencing work on Project Brutus.



The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was The Great Escape!. The next story was The Brotherhood of Metallix.