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A fateful meeting.

The Origin of Sonic is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story which appeared in Issue 8 of Sonic the Comic. It is notable for establishing how both Sonic and Dr Robotnik came to be, as well as explaining Robotnik's origins as Doctor Kintobor.



Night has fallen on Mobius, and Tails, Johnny Lightfoot and Porker Lewis are watching as Sonic powers up a Star Post for a visit to the Special Zone. The gang arrive safely and run the half-pipe gauntlet (Porker colliding with a few bombs) before arriving at their destination: The sentient and omnipotent Omni-Viewer, an old friend of Sonic's.

Sonic has brought his friends to see Omni having decided it's time they learned the truth about Robotnik and how Sonic got his powers. Omni thus replays video footage of the day when Sonic investigated the lab of Dr Ovi Kintobor and learned of the scientist's Retro-Orbital Chaos Compressor, a device which would eradicate evil from Mobius forever by pumping all the planet's evil into the Chaos Emeralds. One Emerald was missing however, and Sonic helped Kintobor find it, in exchange for letting the scientist carry out a few experiments into his speed. In one such experiment involving the doctor's new Power Sneakers, Sonic ran so fast in Kintobor's Kinetic Gyratosphere that he broke the sound barrier, destroying the machine and leaving him with a new look: fusing his quills together and turning them blue. Omni goes on to reveal footage of a later moment when Kintobor found a six month old rotten egg in his fridge. While venturing across the lab in search of some salt, Kintobor tripped over a trailing cable and collided with the ROCC. The evil in the Emeralds combined with the rotten egg transformed the kindly Ovi Kintobor into the malevolent Doctor Ivo Robotnik.

As Sonic finishes his story, Omni warns the gang to run. Unable to stop himself, Omni sucks Sonic and friends into his display. The Special Zone is still under Robotnik's rule, and Sonic has now been trapped somewhere in the future where he can no longer interfere with the dictator's plans....


  • This story is roughly adapted from the storybook Stay Sonic and a short Sonic comic which appeared in Disney Adventures.
  • Omni's design is somewhat different to how he appeared later in the comic's run, his face being yellow rather than blue-ish white, his facial features are more detailed and his frame when seen is a good deal thinner.
  • The Special Zone is an exact copy of the Sonic 2 special stages. It would become a lot weirder looking in later strips, and later still turn out to have planets in it.


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