Art by Team Mobius

The Order of Magick is a secret organisation that presides over all magick use on Mobius. Anything non-magickal is considered inferior to them and they do not meddle in things unrelated to it.

In Ebony & Ivory, the Order chase Ebony through several Zones. The hero informs Sonic the Hedgehog that they are trying to shackle her with permits and qualifications in order to continue using magick. Three representatives of the Order, led by a walrus, battle with Sonic and the hedgehog is easily beaten by the appearance of magic barriers. Later, the Order trapped Sonic, Ebony and Blaze the Cat within another barrier. They soon learned that Sonic had come into contact with the Essence, a part of Super Sonic siphoned during Ebony's last encounter with Sonic. The Order attempted to simultaneously contain Super Sonic, drain Ebony of her powers and trap Blaze. After succeeding, they informed Sonic that he would be required to be a witness at Ebony's trial.


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