The vigilantes are cornered

"The Only Game in Town" is a 6-part Streets of Rage story, beginning in Issue 41 of Sonic the Comic. It follows "Skates' Story". "The Only Game in Town" is also the last Streets of Rage story, despite an open ending.



The vigilantes (Axel Stone, Blaze Fielding, Max Hatchet and Skates) arrive in a secluded area, looking for Skates' informant, Julio. They spot him beaten and chained to two poles, so Max leaves the car to rescue him. He is immediately shot at and their Battle Wagon takes a few hits before Blaze returns fire. Before long, their vehicle is hit by a large shell and the team are sent hurtling. Getting out of the car, they see they are surrounded by hundreds of gang members.

At the local police HQ, the officers are taking bets on which gang will be the first to finish off the vigilantes. "Dan" accidentally asks Feroccio if he wants in on the deal, before being informed he isn't "one of the guys". Elsewhere, the gangs are laying into the heroes and stealing their wagon. One member gets overeager and jumps at the victims, allowing Blaze their strength. Axel suggests committing suicide, but the crowd clears for some reason. Back at the police, Feroccio beats Dan up for information on the bet. It turns out that Mr X is behind it all.

With the vigilantes vulnerable, a gang of motorcyclists speed in, one knocking over Axel. Groggy, he leads the retaliation, with Blaze kicking one rider off, Skates forcing another one into a wall and Max catching a bike, throwing the rider off. He questions the gang member, who reveals Mr X's true intentions. As more gang members show up, a police helicopter arrives, telling everyone to get in.

The helicopter lifts them away (with gangs still firing on them). It seems that Feroccio has influence in high places (and is good at blackmail). Before long, someone with a rocket launcher fires at them, killing the pilot and sends them into a girder. Three of them land on a platform but Axel falls right down to where more gangs wait. They come to help him but Axel, completely exhausted, is being beaten by a gang leader and, before the others can reach him, Axel is knocked off the bridge.

Armed guards arrive, and Mr X appears not long after. Revealing more about his bet and how they can't be allowed to cross the river, he orders his guards to shoot them. Blaze stops them and asks what the odds are on them surviving. Hearing it is 100/1, she places a bet of $20,000. After Mr X leaves, the armed guards are run over by the battle wagon driven by Axel. Inside, Axel reveals they need to get across the bridge and tries to jump the wagon off the end of the under-construction bridge...

The wagon falls off the end of the bridge and is pierced by an upright girder, nearly killing them all. Escaping as they get shot at, the battle wagon falls away as Axel gets out, just in time. Finally out of the line of fire and across the bridge, they see that Axel has lost a lot of blood as they wait for an ambulance. The next day, the heroes meet Feroccio and thank him for his help, before meeting the new Mr X, who honours his predecessor's bet. He hands over $2 million in winnings, before declaring he will get his revenge.


The previous Streets of Rage was Facts of Life. This is the final story.