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Shortfuse and Tails deliver an accidental wake-up call. Art by Roberto Corona and Andy Pritchett.

]]The Monster Wakes is a 2-part Sonic's World story, starting in Issue 94 of Sonic the Comic.



It's New Year's Day on Mobius and the Freedom Fighters have gathered in the laboratory of Tekno the Canary to celebrate. Shortfuse the Cybernik isn't in the mood to celebrate, reminding Johnny Lightfoot (and us) that Doctor Robotnik turned him into a Cybernik. However, Tekno has a good idea - maybe they could all move into the secret lab and fight Robotnik from there. Shortfuse likes it, but there isn't much room to live. As they contemplate this, an intruder is spotted on the surface! Fortunately, it's only Knuckles the Echidna, feeding his pterodactyl. Knuckles is then enlisted into digging for more space underground. Once the lab has been extended extensively, Knuckles leaves before they have him "fitting carpets". Later, Shortfuse and Tails investigate the new caverns, but find something breathing. Something big. Waking up, the lab starts to shake as the heroes escape. Soon after, an enormous dragon bursts from the ground, unhappy that it has been woken a hundred years too early.

Bad-tempered, the dragon attempts to roast them all alive. Shortfuse yells at Tails to distract the dragon, so the fox reluctantly flies around the dragon's head, while the Cybernik shoots it. The monster turns around and engulfs Shortfuse in flames (for the second time, the first being The Rampage of Mekanik), his Megatal armour being the only thing keeping him alive. Johnny attempts to find a weak spot on the dragon's leg - Amy Rose tries to stop him, but it's too late. The dragon swipes him and Shortfuse and sends them flying. Furious, Shortfuse aims to take down the dragon before it can fly off, but Amy pushes him away at the last second. Tekno explains that the dragon was probably just defending itself after being woken up. Tails flies up and tries to apologise to the dragon and convince it to help in the fight against Robotnik, but the dragon certainly isn't a morning dragon, saying he might help in a few years. As the dust clears, Amy is worried that Shortfuse's temper could foul up a mission in future.


  • As of Issue 250, the dragon has yet to reappear, 13 years after it woke up.
  • Tails' closing line of "All's that ends well!" mirrors the one he says in the Sonic Adventure game a year later, although that was slightly more out of place than this use.
  • Despite the extensive renovations to the lab, Robotnik is defeated 5 issues later, making hiding underground unnecessary.
  • Knuckles' appearance in the Emerald Hill Zone is part of the World Tour of Mobius story arc, which continued with next issue's Roots.


This issue was reprinted from Issue 213 to Issue 214.


The previous Sonic's World story was Season of Goodwill. The next is Mock the Doc.

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