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The broken bond.

The Long Road is a Tekno & Shorty story which began in Issue 253 of Sonic the Comic Online.


Story: Mike Corker
Art and Letters: Pete Murphy


Two weeks have passed since Tekno led the slaves in revolt against Set, and the slaves are working together to repair the Pyramid of Atum, learning what freedom means to them (the exception being Slave One, who has been locked up). Tekno and the scholarly slave have more or less worked out where the Ring of Eternity is, and she makes ready to leave with a hesitant Shorty, going to retrieve something first. Once the Ring's co-ordinates are confirmed, Tekno and Shorty set off in a small speeder, carrying a large chest. Shorty is concerned about Tekno's recent behaviour, but she responds to his queries in a blunt and irritable manner. Back in the pyramid, the slaves have decided they need to know what happened to Set and, ignoring Tekno's order that the throne room is off-limits, break in to investigate, only to find that Set's body is nowhere to be seen.
Meanwhile, Shorty persists, but Tekno remains unresponsive. Suddenly, something crashes into the speeder, hurling them out, and sending the speeder careening off into the distance. Tekno is adamant about retrieving the chest's contents, but Shorty tries to stop her. They erupt into a massive argument, Shorty convinced that Set's corpse is in the chest, but not blaming her, while Tekno retorts that the chest is full of his files and archives. Tekno storms off to the cave where the Ring is located, ignoring Shorty, only to find they are not alone. Something has got to the Ring before them: Something wearing a modifed version of Shorty's old Cybernik armour. The creature swats Tekno aside and turns on the retreating Shorty. Shorty is quickly flung aside by the creature, its armour dissolving to reveal Set, still alive, and very angry....


  • Mr Game and Watch is visible among the slaves repairing the pyramid.
  • While Set isn't dead, Tekno thought he was and had intended to do him in.
  • This strip has been the weakest recieved in Issue 253, if only because fans seem to be no longer interested in this story arc, or Tekno and Shorty themselves for that matter.


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