The Legend of the Golden Axe, more commonly known simply as Golden Axe, is a sword-and-sorcery style series based on the Golden Axe series of video games. Two six-issue series were produced, both of which were written by Mark Eyles with art by Mike White. The series featured the three protagonists from the video games, Ax-Battler (a barbarian), Gilius-Thunderhead (a dwarf), and Tyris-Flare (an Amazon). Note that all three names were consistently hyphenated throughout the series.

The first Golden Axe story, "Citadel of Dead Souls", was printed from Issue 1 to Issue 6. It was set some time after the events of Golden Axe II and depicted the three heroes attempting to prevent Sorceror Blackspell from resurrecting their old enemy, Dark Guld.

The second story, "Plague of Serpents", was printed between Issue 13 and Issue 18 and takes place after the first. As the three heroes attempt to return the Golden Axe to the Kingdom of Yuria, they visit the dwarfish stronghold of Rockguard (Gilius' home) and find that it is under attack by cobra cultists lead by the High Priest Cobraxis. While defending Rockguard and rescuing the dwarf queen Silpantia-Dragontamer, they also encounter Gilius' sister, Yuki-Plantcharmer.

Although no more stories were produced, Ax, Tyris and Gilius cameod in the Wonder Boy strip, "Wonder Boy in Ghost World, Part 3". When Shion uses a holiday spell on a dinosaur ghost, the dinosaur reappears on a beach where Ax, Tyris and Gilius are sun-bathing. This story was also written by Mark Eyles, but drawn by Bojan Djukac.