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Art by Nigel Dobbyn

The Leaf is a minor villain in Sonic the Comic who fancied himself as a rival to Miles "Tails" Prower. The small creature was a "master thief", using his mechanical wings to quickly infiltrate a target and speed off with the loot. His similar shape to Tails, as well as his airborne abilities, led people to wrongly assume that Tails had become a criminal.


The Leaf, real name unknown, had presumably been a minor thief for some time, burglarising several establishments without building up much of a reputation. All would change when The Leaf decided to target the Eldorado Zone, by far the richest area on Mobius. His first hit was on young poodle Mrs. Curly-Smythe, stealing a diamond tiara from her apartment. A crowd assembled to view a security camera print-out, only to discover that the silhouetted thief looked like Tails, flying into a 13th floor window. Watching from the shadows, The Leaf was overjoyed by the latest revelation, allowing him to continue his crime spree with Tails receiving all the blame. He continued to rob possessions on a whim, the highest-profile heist being of darts champion Eric Bungalow gold trophy. Flying away from the Zone, he later returned in time to hear that the priceless Golden Bike Frame of the Steptoe Zone was on display at the museum and took a trip to see it. Unfortunately, the exhibit proved to be a rusty bike frame painted gold and The Leaf was caught "gold-handed" by Tails and the locals.

The Leaf took to the air, with Tails in close pursuit. The criminal relentlessly mocked Tails for his flying skills, showing that his mechanical wings could outfly him any day. He also stated that he enjoyed Tails being framed for a while, but is now keen to have his name known across the planet. Unfortunately, this is about the time that the batteries in his mechanical wings went dry, causing him to plummet towards the planet. Tails caught his aggressor, before ensuring the police unmasked and arrested him.

Sonic the Comic Online

The Leaf returned in Sonic the Comic Online as part of the League of Super-Evil Villains, a group of the most useless villains Mobius has ever seen. He was responsible for piloting their ship but crash-landed, leading to an angry confrontation with Windy Wallis. He then turned his ire towards Bob the Plax for possibly compromising their secret plan. Inside the Metropolis Zone Central Bank, The Leaf then angrily yelled at Grand Chief Whip for insulting his prowess, believing him to have taken a swipe at his reputation as a "mere thief". Whip ordered Bob to attack The Leaf, but the misunderstanding was soon wound down. Irritated, The Leaf ordered Windy to get a move on with opening the vault. Towards the end of the botched heist, the thief took his anger out on the final member of the team, Tyson Dense, for suggesting using a hot oil gun on a frozen vault. Unfortunately, Bob did just this and destroyed the bank, with The Leaf blaming everyone but him for the failures. He was quickly arrested when Sonic the Hedgehog arrived to sort them all out.

He has since returned along with the rest of the League, now under the leadership of Doctor Genius, and seeks to wipe out Captain Blue and his vigilante group so the League can have another shot at the limelight..


  • The Leaf didn't actually appear until the second part of his first story, staying in the shadows before this. He wasn't unmasked until the final panel.
  • Despite being the only thief in the organisation, The Leaf didn't play a part in the retrieval of the money from the Metropolis bank.
  • The Leaf was considered popular enough to appear in the villains half of the Buddies & Baddies poster, the only non-recurring character to do so.