The Internet
was invented by Doctor Ovi Kintobor for the use of all people on Mobius, as revealed by Vector the Crocodile in Issue 251's Rage Inside the Machine. As of Issue 250, Doctor Robotnik has been using it to enforce an iron rule over digital society by spreading pro-Robotnik propaganda.

In Rage Inside the Machine, Espio the Chameleon was seen inside cyberspace, battling Robotnik's security programs. These programs resemble robot images of Robotnik's head, and are built to attack intruders to the area. These programs were defeated by Espio and Shadow the Hedgehog, who is working alone to cleanse the digital realm of Robotnik's technology. Shadow continues to work on fighting the Doctor from within cyberspace, destroying half of the Libra robot by taking over its core systems under the watchful eye of Iggy. Indeed, a triple-cross from Shadow allowed him to get close enough to Robotnik's avatar to disable most of his key programs, including that of the Drakon Empire's control mechanism.

Shadow's secrecy has led important figures such as Learners the Bee to wonder why more of the Internet wasn't under Robotnik's control.

Other uses

The Internet has seen limited use through the print history of Sonic the Comic, particularly since it wasn't widely used in its early days. Ideas have been implemented, such as the sending of emails and the use of viruses, but other ideas involving the Internet often exaggerated the capabilities of the Web as we know it, though Sonic the Hedgehog was once seen to look up trainspotting websites to forcibly calm himself down after running too fast.

Sonic the Comic Online is a continuation of STC, appearing on the Internet. The format is markedly different to the original comic, particularly with the use of buttons to quickly navigate around strips and features. Issue 251 brought an improvement to its usability, with easier access to each page of the comic, as well as new features like the Breaking News! blog, among others.

The Internet was directly referenced in Decap Attack story, Rooms. Towards the end, the Pumpelkins burst out of a door and proceeded to take over the Internet, shown by breaking free of the traditional comic panel and spreading through the browser window. Coincentally, Frank N. Stein reveals that the Internet was created by Jennifer, who holds all the knowledge of the world and slowly releases it to the public. Head is also addicted to Facebook.

Tails Doll was introduced in Issue 251. Originally an unlockable character in Sonic R, Tails Doll became an Internet "meme", with people playing up its creepiness and owing it to the supernatural.

The Message Zone is an Internet message board, where Boomers talk about the comic, among other things.

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