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The Hunted is a 2-part Sonic's World story beginning in Issue 256 of Sonic the Comic Online.



Metropolis Zone is under attack by a new group of villains, in the form of General Url and his Brain Drain Society. They are immediately brought down by the mysterious Captain Blue and a group of vigilantes, though Blue remains tight-lipped about who his group is and what they stand for. This is the third time this group has shown up and dealt with people in an unnecessarily aggressive manner. Amy and the gang are watching a news report on the incident from their base in Buddy's Bistro when suddenly they receive a call from the group's leader and an armband in the post, similar to the ones the group are wearing, with an invitation to meet them at the Kane Broadcasting Company the next day. The next morning, as Amy and Tails head out for the station, the League of Super-Evil Villains, now led by Doctor Genius, are discussing the vigilantes and plotting a way to deal with them. Thanks to pictures and information from an anonymous benefactor, Genius knows who their target is, and has hired an assassin in the form of one Fockewulf de Shrike. Meanwhile, Captain Blue is watching the Freedom Fighters' and de Shrike's movements, observed by his superior, Mr Gold, who tells Blue to take his leave as he gazes upon a banner with Dr Robotnik's face on.

Tails and Amy arrive at KBC, closely followed by de Shrike, and are only let in by the bouncer thanks to the armband Tails is now wearing. De Shrike is refused entry, but enters anyway after shocking the hapless horse to death. Meanwhile inside, Gold reveals himself to the heroes and begins explaining about the vigilantes, whom he calls S.P.E.A.R.. De Shrike then bursts in, trying to attack the Freedom Fighters and is surprised to learn that Gold planned his arrival and tipped off the League. Amy tries attacking Gold, thinking he works for Robotnik, which Gold denies, and is surprised at the strength he possesses. Indeed, his block feels like she's attacked a tank. Gold then outlines S.P.E.A.R.'s ultimate goal: beat Robotnik quickly and save Mobius, which he feels the Freedom Fighters were incapable of before flinging Amy away. He then knocks de Shrike out, saving Tails, who he has no quarrel with, and allows the young fox to leave with the injured Amy. Tails knows that the vigilantes' base won't be in KBC when the Freedom Fighters return, and asks Gold what he is, which the old bear remains silent about. Once the damaged heroes have left, Gold muses upon Tails' question, quietly answering himself with 'I'm...complicated,' as he reveals that his left hand is bionic...


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