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The Hive is a 2-part Sonic the Hedgehog story beginning in Issue 91 of Sonic the Comic.



Fed up with being on the Chaotix Crew's satellite base and not being able to return to Mobius, Sonic is having another troubled night. However, his midnight stroll is livened up when he spots Charmy Bee being carried away. Despite considering leaving him to be kidnapped, giving everyone a break, Sonic decides to confront the thieves. Another bee reveals that Charmy has been summoned home by the Queen Bee since he broke his promise to return home. Charmy announces that he can bring a friend if he wishes, but Sonic is initially reluctant, before eventually coming along. After a short journey, the group arrive at The Hive, where Sonic witnesses more bees somehow creating gold. Finally, they reach the Queen's chambers, where the monarch reveals Charmy is her son and is a prince! Now that he is home, Charmy will be forced to carry out royal opportunities. The unhappy reunion is interrupted with an announcement that Vesper and his wasp army are approaching.

The invaders quickly swarm the Hive entrance, picking off the bee guards. The sentries attempt to protect their home but are soon overpowered and forced to retreat. One such soldier relays the bad news to the Queen, but she refuses to leave her home. The point is moot soon enough when Vesper and his lieutenants enter the throne room. Sonic levels the field by stealing everyone's weapons. Vesper isn't pleased, but Sonic easily beats him in a fight. Despite the victory, Sonic surrenders the Hive to the wasps, hoping to come up with a plan.

In the entrance, Sonic asks Vesper to tell his men they plan to present a formal surrender. The hedgehog then orders the bees to grab something before running around the tunnel, creating a hurricane that blasts the angry wasps out of the Hive. Before they can return, the facility is sealed off. Later, the Queen is grateful, saying Sonic can return whenever he wants. She turns to Charmy, stating he must now carry out his princely duties. However, the young hero recites the law stating that outsiders saving the Hive can ask for whatever they want. It transpires that Sonic asked to have Charmy set free! As long as Chaotix don't find out...


  • This story contains the only appearances of the Queen Bee and Vesper's army. Other bees previously appeared in The Fundamental Four.


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