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The Goblin Overlords is a 2-part Tails story that began in Issue 143 of Sonic the Comic. It is notable for being the last Nameless Zone story in STC, the first since Issue 73 and the last Tails story by Nigel Kitching.



In the Emerald Hill Zone, Tails is busy lifting weights, hoping to impress Sonic the Hedgehog when he next sees him. However, his feat is interrupted by the appearance of a portal, the gateway to the Nameless Zone. Not wanting to ignore a summons, Tails flies through the portal. Instead of the Enchanter Kings or Shaman Warpull, the gateway has in fact been created by Morain who has limited magical power. Puzzled, Tails asks why the Enchanter Kings didn't bring him here, with the warrior revealing that they have been taken prisoner in a goblin castle erected in the village centre. After dark, the fox pair steal away to the castle's boundaries, Morain explaining that the goblins built the castle in her people's land and kidnapped the rulers. Morain wants Tails to fly them into the castle to rescue both them and Errol Blackthorn, Morain's brother, who was also taken captive. As they ascend, Morain says she wouldn't have asked Tails for help, but it was all she could think of. Climbing through a window, Morain plans to catch the goblin guards by surprise, but are immediately attacked. A furious Morain breaks his weapon and laughs as he runs away. Morain is pleased with herself, until Tails reminds her that he could go and fetch help. The plan is extended to "rushing around like crazy" and hoping to find something, but only end up running into more trouble. Hoping that the next door isn't locked, the heroes are shocked to find the Kings enjoying a drink with a goblin.

Morain is less than pleased at the "prisoners'" comfy surroundings, but the goblin urges calm. Instead, Morain points out that the goblin is Roubal, the new goblin king. Tails turns his attentions to the Kings, asking why they're not being treated harshly, so Shirob and the others explain that Roubal has made a "generous" deal. The goblins have promised never to attack the foxes again, ushering in a time of peace. The only catch is that, once a year, the Nameless Zone must obey the goblins in a ceremony. The rest of the time will see the goblins hardly interfere with daily life. If the foxes don't take up this offer, a bloody war will begin that will see the goblins win. Morain is incredulous and throws one of the Enchanter Kings to the floor in disgust. During the discussions, the guards have approached Morain and Tails and are now ready for a fight. The Kings look on in dismay, but Morain compliments Tails on his new-found bravery...kind of. Unfortunately, her cockiness sees her knocked to the floor. She is about to be executed, but is suddenly rescued by Errol, who has escaped his cell, supposedly opposing Roubal's deal.

The Enchanter Kings step in and agree to only go on with discussions should Morain, Errol and Tails be allowed to leave. Morain and Errol are unsure, but Tails talks them into surviving for another day. Outside, Tails says he'd like to stay and help, but the magic that brought him here is fading. As he returns to Mobius, Morain tells her brother that Tails has become a good little fighter. She wouldn't tell the little one that to his face, of course...


  • The strip promises that Morain will return in 1999 - this never happened, but implies there was an intention of doing a follow-up soon after. Unfortunately, the comic would steadily get rid of its back-up strips in 1999: there was only one from from #155 and none after #159.
  • Nigel Dobbyn drew the Nameless Zone story for the first time, taking over from Kitching.
  • Morain opened the portal for the first time, which she would repeat in the aforementioned STC-O story.
  • Shirob took an active role as a King once more, only briefly appearing last story after being transformed from the evil Trogg.


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